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Spring 2020 Math Qualifying and Comprehensive Exams

Please sign up via this link, by April 30, 2020:

Questions? Contact Kelly Guerriero (

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Spring Quarter 2020 P/NP Policy for Majors in Mathematics

The faculty of the Department of Mathematics have decided to allow students in any Math Department major (MA27, MA29, MA30, MA31, MA32, MA33, MA34, MA35) to take a maximum of four Spring 2020 major courses on a P/NP basis.

Students who decide to take major-required course(s) on a P/NP basis should send the department a message on the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) so their degree audit can be updated to accept the grading choice.

Students with questions about the pros and cons of taking courses P/NP should consult with mathematics advising staff via the VAC.

The P grade is an acceptable prerequisite for any Math Department course. An EASy request may be required if WebReg does not automatically recognize the P grade prerequisite when you attempt to enroll. Students who plan to use the P grade as a prerequisite for another department's course should consult with that department before electing the grade option change.


SeminarsMORE ►

Thursday  •  May 28, 2020

2:00pm  •

Elena Fuchs
    Prime Components in Integral Circle Packings

Math 209 - Number Theory Seminar

Friday  •  May 29, 2020

10:00am  •  Contact Peter Wear for Zoom link

Peter Wear
    Perfectoid covers of abelian varieties and the weight-monodromy conjecture

Final Defense

2:00pm  •  Zoom (contact Prof. McKernan)

Anand Deopurkar
    Apparent boundaries of projective varieties

Math 208 - Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Thursday  •  June 4, 2020

2:00pm  •  Register at

Niccol\`{o} Rocchetti
    A derived Hecke action on the ordinary Hida tower

Math 209 - Number Theory Seminar

Faculty ProfileMORE ►

Ming Xiao

Complex Variables

Several Complex Variables, Complex Geometry, CR Geometry, Partial Differential Equations, CR Manifolds

The Department of Mathematics at UC San Diego

We are composed of a diverse array of individuals. We are united around a common cause: the pursuit of mathematics as a fundamental human endeavor with the power to describe the world around us and the richness to express the worlds within us.

We are guided by an inclusive and equitable ethos: all who wish to learn and contribute are welcome and valued.

It is central to our mission as a research and educational institution to offer support and encouragement to each member of our community so that they may thrive in our environment.

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