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Degree in Mathematics-Secondary Education

B.A. Effective Fall 1997

Advisors:  Guershon Harel

This major offers an excellent preparation for teaching Mathematics in secondary schools. Students interested in earning a California teaching credential from UCSD should contact Education Studies (EDS [formerly TEP] for information regarding prerequisites and requirements. Please note that completion of the major degree in Mathematics-Seconday Education does not fulfill the Foundations (first year) of the M.Ed./Credential Program since additional EDS courses are required. On the other hand, completion of the Mathematics Education Minor does allow you to apply into the second year of the M.Ed./Single Subject Credential Program. It is recommended you contact EDS as early as possible.

All courses used to satisfy major requirements must be taken for a letter grade, and must be completed with a C- or better.

Lower Division Requirements

1. One of the following sequences:
  a. Math 20A-B-C-D-E-F
    Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations
  b. Math 31AH-BH-CH, 20D
    Honors Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations

2. One of the following is recommended:
  CSE 8A/AL-B Introduction to Computer Science: Java
  ECE 15 Engineering Computation

Upper Division Requirements

1. Math 109 Mathematical Reasoning
(students completing Math 31CH may replace Math 109 with a 4-unit Upper-division Math elective)
2. Math 104A Number Theory
3. Math 163 History of Mathematics
4. EDS 129A-B-C Pre-Internship Practicum in Learning
5. Math 107A or Computer Algebra
  Math 155A or Computer Graphics
  Math 170A or Numerical Linear Algebra
  Math 187 Introduction to Cryptography
6. Math 180A or Introduction to Probability
  Math 183 Statistical Methods
7. Math 150A or Differential Geometry
  Math 151 or Topics in Geometry
  Math 153 or Geometry for Secondary Teachers
  Math 190 Introduction to Topology
8. Math 100A or Abstract Algebra
  Math 102 or Applied Linear Algebra
  Math 103A Modern Algebra
9. Math 140A or Foundations of Real Analysis
  Math 142A Intro to Analysis
10. Upper division courses must include at least one (1) two-quarter sequence from the following list:
  Math 100A-B Abstract Algebra
  Math 103A-B Modern Algebra
  Math 103A-102 Modern and Applied Algebra
  Math 104A-B Number Theory
  Math 110A-110B Partial Differential Equations
  Math 110A-120A Introduction to Partial Differential Equations and Complex Analysis
  Math 110A-130A Intro. to Partial and Ordinary Differential Equations
  Math 110A-131 Partial Differential Equations, Variational Methods in Optimization
  Math 120A-B Complex Analysis
  Math 140A-B Foundations of Real Analysis
  Math 142A-B Intro to Analysis
  Math 150A-B Differential Geometry, Calculus on Manifolds
  Math 152-184A Applicable Mathematics and Computing, Combinatorics
  Math 154-184A Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory, Combinatorics
  Math 155A-B Computer Graphics
  Math 160A-B Elementry Math Logic
  Math 170A-B Numerical Mathematics
  Math 170A-175 Numerical Linear Algebra and Partial DifferentialEquations
  Math 170A-179 Numerical Linear Algebra and Mathematical Software
  Math 170A-171A Numerical Linear Algebra and Mathematical Programming
  Math 171A-B Math Programming-Numerical Optimization
  Math 180A-B Introduction to Probability
  Math 180A-181A Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics
  Math 193A-B Actuarial Mathematics
11. Upper-division electives to complete at least thirteen four-unit courses, chosen from any mathematics course numbered between 100 and 194 (including those taken from the requirements listed above).
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