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The Errett A. Bishop and Stephen E. Warschawski Memorial Scholarship Winners for 1999-2000

The Errett A. Bishop Memorial Scholarship

Jane Bishop and Ilse Warschawski (center) and Edward Bishop (kneeling), surrounded by scholarship recipients and their families.
The UCSD Mathematics Department is pleased to announce that Julie Schiffman and Val Balansay have been named as the 1999-2000 winners of the Errett Bishop Scholarship in Mathematics. These awards are given annually, through the Financial Aid Office, to undergraduate Mathematics majors in their senior year with an excellent academic record.

Helen Bishop, Errett Bishop's mother, established the scholarship to honor Professor Bishop's deep interest in undergraduate students and his support of those who wished to advance in their knowledge of Mathematics. Professor Bishop was an internationally renowned mathematician who was one of the founders of UCSD's mathematics program. Errett Bishop made significant advances in the area of mathematical analysis during the period 1954 to 1964. The great depth of his discoveries and remarkable originality of his thought brought him recognition as one of the world's leaders in his area of mathematics. He later turned to the philosophical foundations of mathematics. He successfully developed a large area of mathematical analysis about which he published the book Foundations of Constructive Analysis (McGraw-Hill, 1967). The work set the stage for a revision of mathematical thinking. Errett Bishop was a Sloan Foundation Fellow, a member of the National Research Council, and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

For information about applying for next year's Bishop Scholarship, check with the Math Advising Office (phone: 534-3590, e-mail: mathadvising@math.ucsd.edu ).

The Stephen E. Warschawski Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship recipients and their families.
The UCSD Mathematics Department is pleased to announce that Angela Cho, Brian Long, Nicole Olivares and Jennifer Wang have been named as the winners of the Stephen E. Warschawski Memorial Scholarship. These one-time awards were made possible by Ilse Warschawski, Stefan Warschawski's wife, who wished to recognize four outstanding undergraduate Mathematics majors in their senior year. The awards were administered by the Financial Aid Office and the winners were selected by faculty.

Stefan (Steve) Warschawski (1904-1989) was the founder of the Mathematics Department at UCSD. In the years 1963-1967, when he was the Department Chair, Steve recruited twenty-four regular faculty members and a number of teaching visitors.

Angelo Cho, Jennifer Wang, Brian Long, and Julie Schiffman.
Steve Warschawski was one of the leading authorities on the boundary behavior of conformal mappings, made important contributions to approximation theory and minimal surfaces, and was one of the first to make systematic use of what is now called harmonic measure. He directed a total of nineteen doctoral theses. His generosity, help, and advice is well remembered by all who came in contact with him. Following his retirement from UCSD in 1971, Steve's research flourished, and a full one third of his papers were published after this date. He also continued to teach occasional courses at UCSD and San Diego State University.

Ilse Warschawski, the center of Steve's life during their 43 years of marriage, helped Steve to make the UCSD Mathematics Department a warm, friendly place. With characteristic generosity, she also established a fund to give stipends to graduate students, which will help attract outstanding candidates.