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2005 Physical Sciences Dean's Awards for Excellence

Physical Sciences Dean Prof Mark Thiemens with (from back row) George Bouvier, Michael Skirvin, Jonathan Luk, Patrick Sanan, Will Garner, Heidi Tan, Crystal Li

Seven undergraduate math students were among the 19 recipients of the 2005 Physical Sciences Dean's Awards for Excellence. These awards were established in 2004 with donations from alumni and friends of UCSD.

The students are honored because of their demonstrated academic performance and their commitment to the pursuit of graduate studies upon completion of their Bachelor degrees.

Mathematics Awardees and their Nominator:

George BouvierProffessor Audrey Terras
Will GarnerProffessor Ron Evans
Crystal LiProffessor Jason Schweinsberg
Jonathan LukProffessor Adrian Wadsworth
Patrick SananProffessor Carl FitzGerald
Michael SkirvinProffessor Lance Small
Heidi TanProffessor Jason Schweinsberg

Other recipients for 2005 were:

  • Biochemistry/Chemistry: Shaun Fontaine, Denise Kwong, Megan McCurdy, Jonathan Ostrem, Man-Un Ung
  • Physics: Ethan Brown, Zhi Chen, Kevin McCarthy, Albert Tsai
  • Earth Sciences/ESYS: Rachel Basore, Nick Magliocca, Jill Morrow (Math Applied Science Major)
  • Jean and Max Kramer Award: Shaun Fontaine
  • Billie Hodge Award: Megan McCurdy
  • William M Hawkins Jr Award: Kevin McCarthy and Jill Morrow

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