Schedule for the 5-minute talks

Wednesday, January 26
Simons Auditorium, MSRI


Barry Mazur

"Arithmetic Statistics"

William Stein

Databases of elliptic curves

Henrik Shahgholian

Intro to Free Boundary Problems

Kaneenika Sinha

Fourier coefficients of modular cusp forms

Robert Rhoades

Faltings Heights and Kronecker Limit Formulas

Duc Khiem Huynh

L-functions and random matrices

Jacob White

Topology of Complements of k-Parabolic Subspace Arrangements

John Andersson

Linearization of free boundaries

10:30-11am Coffee Break


Robert Miller

The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjectural formula

Maria del Mar Gonzalez

Fractional Laplacian in conformal geometry

Fredrik Strömberg

Some computational aspects of automorphic forms

Sonal Jain

Statistics on p-adic L-functions

Ko Woon Um

Elliptic equations with singular BMO coefficients in reifenberg domains

Jonathan Bober

Some questions about character sums

Fatemeh Mohammadi

The monomial ideals associated to graphs

Alina Bucur

Statistics for curves over finite fields

12-1:30pm Lunch


Michael Rubinstein


John King

Biology and Free Boundary Problems

Carl Pomerance

Product-free sets of integers

Erik Lindgren

A perturbation method for two-phase free boundary problems

Andrew Yang

Low-lying zeros of Dedekind zeta functions


Moments of L-functions

Jeff Lagarias

Puzzling Arithmetic Problems

Henok Mawi

The Refractor Problem

Jamie Weigandt

Some Questions about Elliptic Curves over Q with all of their 2-Torison Rational

Harold Stark

Zeta functions and L-functions

Ghaith Hiary

Computing Dirichlet L-functions

Gonzalo Tornaría


3pm Tea