Association for Sybolic Logic: Annual Meeting

Contributed Papers

Abstracts of contributed talks from ASL members should be sent by the deadline of January 15, 1999, to the Program Chair: Sam Buss, Department of Mathematics, University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, California 92093-0112; email: Abstracts must satisfy the Rules for Abstracts given below.

    Rules for Abstracts.
  • Abstracts of contributed talks at ASL meetings are limited to 300 words (about three quarters of a page in the standard, 11pt LaTeX article style), including the title and other heading material and the references. They must be submitted in hard copy or electronically in PostScript format; TeX files, MS-Word files, etc. will not be accepted.

  • For ASL meetings in North America, at least one author of each contributed abstract must be an ASL member; this requirement does not apply to the ASL European Summer Meeting.

      To ensure accurate and timely typesetting:

    • (1) Each abstract submission must include the complete address of at least one author, including an email address, or a statement that no email address is available.

    • (2) Abstracts may not include drawings or footnotes.

    • (3) The references must be complete: author, title, full name of journal, year, volume, page numbers; for a book, complete publisher data. Typesetting is done immediately after the submission deadline, so abstracts should be in final form when they are submitted.

A typeset booklet containing the abstracts will be distributed to participants at the meeting. Galley proofs are given to authors at the time of the meeting or before, and must be corrected, approved, and returned within a few days of receipt; only corrections to typesetting errors can be made in galley proofs. Abstracts are published as part of the meeting report in The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic only if the author is a member of the ASL at the time the report is sent for publication. [12/27/1997]

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