Association for Sybolic Logic: Annual Meeting

Special Sessions Schedule:

This page shows the schedule of special session talks.
For the rest of the schedule, consult the Hour-long Talks Schedule and the Contributed Talks Schedule.

The complete program is available in postscript format.

Computability Theory Finite Model and Stability Theory Proof Theory and Complexity Set Theory Second-Order Logic (Sunday)
Nominalism & Realism(Monday)
Sunday, March 21
2:00-2:35 Richard Shore Phokion Kolaitis Chris Pollett Alexander Kechris
Michael Resnick
James Higgenbotham
2:40-3:15 Manuel Lerman Michael Benedikt Jan Johannsen Randall Dougherty
3:20-3:55 Leo Harrington Chris Laskowski Stephen Bellantoni  
Monday, March 22
2:00-2:35 Geoff Laforte Leo Harrington Alasdair Urquhart Steve Jackson
Penelope Maddy
John Burgess
2:40-3:15 Rod Downey Marko Djordjevic Richard Sommer Howard Becker
3:20-3:55 Douglas Cenzer Tapani Hyttinen Juliette Kennedy  

Special Session on Computability Theory, Center Hall, Room 218.
Sunday, March 21
2:00-2:35: Richard Shore, Cornell, "Computable dimension, degree spectra, and expansions by constants."
2:40-3:15: Manuel Lerman, Connecticut, "The decidability of the existential theory of the poset of degrees with jump and least element."
3:20-3:55: Leo Harrington, U.C. Berkley, "Invariant jump classes."
Monday, March 22.
2:00-2:35: Geoff Laforte, IHMC, Pensacola, "Isolation in higher degree types."
2:40-3:15: Rod Downey, Wellington, NZ, "Automorphisms of the lattice of Pi^0_1 classes."
3:20-3:55: Douglas Cenzer, Gainesville, "Initial segments of the lattice of Pi^0_1 classes".

Special Session on finite Model and Stability Theory, Center Hall, Room 109
Sunday, March 21.
2:00-2:35: Phokion Kolaitis, U.C. Santa Cruz "On Global closure ordinals."
2:40-3:15: Michael Benedikt, Bell Laboratories, "Some extensions of finite model theory."
3:20-3:55: Chris Laskowski, Maryland, "The independence property and finitary analogues."
Monday, March 22.
2:00-2:35: Leo Harrington, U.C. Berkeley, "Finite ultrahomogeneous structures."
2:40-3:15: Marko Djordjevic, Uppsala, "Finite variable logic, stability, and finite models."
3:20-3:55: Tapani Hyttinen, Helsinki, "Stability in finite models."

Special Session on Proof Theory and Complexity, Center Hall, Room 220.
Sunday, March 21
2:00-2:35: Chris Pollett, Clark University, "Using translation to separate bounded arithmetic theories."
2:40-3:15: Jan Johannsen, U.C. San Diego, "Bounded arithmetic, threshold circuits and counterexample computations."
3:20-3:55: Stephen Bellantoni Toronto, "A new 'feasible' arithmetic."
Monday, March 22
2:00-2:35: Alasdair Urquhart, Toronto, "Complexity of some substuctural logics."
2:40-3:15: Richard Sommer, CSLI, Stanford, "The computational complexity of uniform reflection."
3:20-3:55: Juliette Kennedy, Helsinki, "On an unprovability result in bounded arithmetic."

Special Session on Set Theory, Center Hall, Room 217B
Sunday, March 21
2:00-2:35: Alexander Kechris, Caltech, "Linear algebraic groups and descriptive set theory."
2:40-3:15: Randall Dougherty, Ohio State, "Congruences between open sets."
Monday, March 22.
2:00-2:40: Steve Jackson, University of North Texas, "On the theory of PI^1_5 sets."
2:40-3:15: Howard Becker, University of Southern Carolina, "Ideals without ccc and without propery (M)."

Special Session on Second-Order Logic, Center Hall, Room 105.
Sunday, March 21.
2:00-2:40: Michael Resnick, North Carolina, "The renaissance of second-order logic in the philosophy of mathematics."
2:40-2:55: Discussion.
3:00-3:40: James Higgenbotham, Sommerville College, "Launching second-order logic."
3:40-3:55: Discussion
Special Session on Nominalism and Realism, Center Hall, Room 105
Monday, March 22.
2:00-2:40: Penelope Maddy, U.C. Irvine, "Methodology for the naturalist."
2:40-2:55: Discussion.
3:00-3:40: John Burgess, Princeton, "Mathematics and Bleak House."
3:40-3:55: Discussion.

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