Graduate Undergraduate Learning Program (G.U.L.P)

Past GULP Topics and Participants

Winter 2013

  • The PageRank Algorithm -Zhen Zheng, Karen Santos, Andrew Hwang, and Kriti Dubey with mentor Franklin Kenter
  • Algebraic Geometry - Alex Huang and Alex Moody with mentor Mandy Cheung
  • Combinatorics - Patrick Dejesus, Jesus Silva, So Hyun Park, and Ying Yang with mentor Emily Leven
  • Metamathematics - Natalie Contreras and Dieter Joubert with mentor Phillip Compeau
  • Exploring Biomath through Programming - Dieter Joubert, and Amy Lu with mentor Phillip Compeau
  • Number Theory - Kevin Vissuet with mentor Tristan Sandler
  • Cryptography - Gabriel Valencia, Brian Keating, and Evelyn Navarro with mentor Andy Wilson
  • Categorical Logic - Artem Mavrin with mentor Ben Hummon
  • Knots & Graphs - Krista Steuben and Kathy Kha with mentor Katie Walsh
  • Analytic Number Theory - Geoff Ganzberger with mentor David Zhang
  • Ramsey Theory - Natalie Contreras, Christopher Parzyck, Ayelet Bitton, Brian Keating, and Pearl Park with mentor Jay Cummings

Spring 2012

  • Knot Theory - Kathy Kha and Anthony Hem with mentor Katie Walsh
  • Algebraic Geometry - Ryan Cooper and Kevin Huynh with mentor Mandy Cheung
  • Evolutionary Probabilistic Models for Cancer - Yun Jeong Yang, Andrew Hwang, and Patty Hsu with mentor Michael Kelly
  • Designing a Mathematical App - YuJia Shen, Purva Desai, Miao Xuliang, David Roberts, and Kriti Dubey with mentors James Hall and Michael Casa
  • Algebraic Geometry - Greg Edwards with mentor M. Brandon Meredith
  • Graph Theory - Camille Briat with mentor Andy Wilson
  • Graph Theory - Valerie Sui and Anila Yadavalli with mentor Andy Parrish
  • Metamathematics - Justin Wang with mentor Phillip Compeau
  • Enumerative Combinatorics - Mengyi Gao and Zhen Zheng with mentor Janine LoBue
  • Number Theory - Kevin Vissuet and Kashif Bari with mentor Tristan Sandler
  • Applied Math - Amanda Gardner with mentor Helen Parks
  • Topics in Combinatorics - Mianci Zhang, Shane Briggs, and Daisy Garibay with mentor Angela Hicks
  • Representation Theory of Finite Groups - Elizabeth Praetz with mentor Emily Leven
  • Homological Algebra - Alex Moody with mentor Lyla Fadali
  • Statistics - Jixiao Ma and Jasmine Go with Gordon Honerkamp-Smith