Who are you in the KGB?

Take this simple test and find out.

1.  What would you enjoy more?
A. A stroll in the park
B. A cold winter day
C. Stealing America’s Nuclear secrets
D. Paving the way for democracy

2.  What is the best sport?
A. Basketball
B. Baseball
C. Russian Hockey
D. Gymnastics

3.  What is your favorite drink?
A. A cool glass of water
B. An ice cold Coke
C. Serine
D. Stolichnaya Strait up

4.  Who would you say is someone you’d model yourself after?
A. Winston Churchill
D. Lenin

5.  What is your favorite city?
A. New York
B. Paris
C. London
D. Stalingrad

6.  What is the worst thing that you could do?
A. Support Capitalism
B. Be an American
C. Defect (you pig)
D. Love freedom

7.  What do you call your best friend?
A. Pal
B. Buddy
C. Comrade
D. Dog

8.  Lastly, to whom do you pledge your allegiance?
A. No one, I am my own master
B. First to the Motherland, and then to Stalin
C. I follow the crowd, I do as they do
D. To my democratically elected president

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