Markus Wolf

Legendary head of East Germany's spy agency for nearly 30 years, from 1958 to 1987. Known to western intelligence as the "man without a face," for his ability to avoid being photographed, Wolf developed one of the Cold War's most effective espionage operations. Under his direction, the East German Ministry for State Security ran a network of about 4,000 agents outside East Germany. He also orchestrated several high-profile coups, including infiltrating NATO headquarters in Brussels (the "Topaz" case) and guiding a mole into the administration of West German Chancellor Willy Brandt.

After German reunification Wolf was charged with espionage, bribery and treason, and sentenced to six years in prison. But that conviction was later overturned and he received a suspended sentence on lesser charges of kidnapping, coercion and causing bodily injury. Wolfe maintains his agency was only doing what all intelligence organizations did during the Cold War.