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Today's Headlines

This Week's Stories
Toxic Chromium is No Match for These Cabbages and CattailsCattails Combat Toxic Chromium

BERKELEY, Sept. 2 -- Plant biologists at UC Berkeley have documented, for the first time, that many vegetable crops and wetland plants can remove toxic chromium from the environment and convert it to a nontoxic form.  The findings have important implications for industries in California that use chromium, which have faced lawsuits over alleged injuries caused by chromium exposure and are working to meet federal Clean Water Act standards for reducing chromium discharges.

UC Berkeley Library Preserves California Agrarian Literature

BERKELEY, Sept. 2 -- Irrigation. Immigration. Farm labor. Fire management. Many of the same issues making headlines in today's California newspapers and journals perplexed agrarian writers in the state more than a century ago.

When is a trend not a trend?Chaos at the Polls: Mathematicians Prove Group Decisions Can Be Impossible to Predict

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 1 -- For several years, some political scientists and others have argued that group decisions such as elections are impossible to anticipate-even if the preferences of the voters are well established and the decision-making rules are set.

UCSF Study Finds Teen Athletes More Likely to Quit Using Spit Tobacco With Intervention

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 1 -- High school baseball players are nearly twice as likely to stop using spit tobacco when dentists or dental hygienists, as well as their teammates, actively intervene then when they don't, a new UC San Francisco study found.

Trial of New Nutritional Therapy for Children with Crohn's Disease

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 1 -- Pediatric gastroenterologists at UCSF have begun enrolling children aged 5 to 18 in a clinical trial of a new nutritional therapy for Crohn's Disease.

Five New UC Stories in Spanish

Sign of Alzheimer's: Mice Yield Treatment Clues, San Francisco, Aug. 31

Prof Says Pres. Clinton Hiding MisconductConcepts of Privacy: Prof Says Clinton is Hiding Misdeeds, Davis, Aug. 31 

Chemist One of 12 Selected: Women's Forum, Los Alamos, Aug. 31

World's Most Powerful Pulsed Magnet: Powered by Billion Watt Generator, Los Alamos, Aug. 28

Nobel Laureate Frederick Reines Dies: Irvine, Aug. 28

Measuring Ocean Temperatures: Novel Approach Proves Successful, San Diego, Aug. 27

California Bond Measure: Statement by UC's President, Oakland, Aug. 27

Lunch Poems: Haas and Reed Featured, Berkeley,Aug. 27

"Ideal" TB Vaccine: Must Be Found to Avert Global Crisis, San Francisco, Aug. 26

Molecule in Early Atherosclerosis: Mouse Studies Yield Clue, San Francisco, Aug. 26

New Wrinkle in Growing PrunesInnovative: Research: Reduced Pesticide Use in Rice, Walnuts and Prunes, Davis, Aug. 26

Waste Management and Environmental Remediation are Green Day Highlights: Los Alamos, N.M., Aug. 26

Aging and Memory: Experts Detail Warning Signs, Fresno, Aug. 25

Space Instrument Ready for Launch on NASA's Deep Space One Los Alamos, N.M., Aug. 25

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