Math 259 - K3 surfaces

Instructor: Dragos Oprea, doprea "at", AP&M 6-101.

Lectures: WF, 10-11:20am, APM 5218.

Course description:

The name "K3 surface" was introduced by Andre Weil in honor of three algebraic geometers, Kummer, Kahler and Kodaira, and the mountain K2 in Kashmir.

This course aims to give an introduction to the geometry of K3 surfaces, focusing on a few selected topics. In particular, I hope to discuss the following:

(This may be a bit too ambitious for a one quarter course, so the goals may change slightly as we go.)

Office hours: I am available for questions after lecture or by appointment. Also, feel free to drop in if you see me in my office.


I will make an attempt to be as self-contained as the topic permits. However, I will assume background in algebraic geometry at the level of Math 203.

The course is intended for graduate students in Mathematics, though everybody is welcome. There will be no homework or exams for this course if you are a math graduate student; the grade will be based entirely on attendance.

Lecture Summaries