Combinatorics and Algorithms 

The topics dealt with by members of the Combinatorics and Algorithms Research Group range broadly over a variety of topics in modern combinatorics and the design and analysis of algorithms. These include such subjects as approximation algorithms, discrete and computational geometry, optimization and operations research, communication complexity, graph theory, randomized algorithms and probability methods, extremal set theory, packing and covering, combinatorial number theory, algebraic and spectral methods, and scheduling theory. We also investigate the use of the techniques and results from these topics to numerous current application areas such as Internet routing and acceleration, massive data sets, wireless communication, computational biology, information management and next generation networks.
Faculty  Fan Chung Graham, Ronald Graham, T. C. Hu, Mohan Paturi, Mihir Bellare. Alon Orlitsky, Gill Williamson, Sam Buss, Jeff Remmel.