Kenneth Barrese


Hello! I am Kenneth Barrese, and I am currently at UCSD. In Spring of 2017 I am scheduled to teach Math 2 and am working with the Teaching+Learning Commons, as the Math Program Enrichment Coordinator, assisting their math tutors and leaders with content mastery and curriculum development. I recently finished my Ph.D. in mathematics at Michigan State University. My advisor was Dr. Bruce Sagan, and my research is primarily in the subject of m-level rook placements.

For now, the main purpose of this website is as a repository of slides for various talks I have given, so if you are here looking for those, thank you for your interest, hopefully they are easily accessible.

First Lake Michigan Workshop on Combinatorics and Graph Theory - Slides for a talk I gave at Western Michigan University on factoring m-level rook polynomials. This talk was designed to complement a proceeding talk by Dr. Sagan.

AMS Central Spring Sectional Meeting 2015 - Slides for a talk I gave on the l-operator, an analogue of transposition for m-level rook placements. The talk touches on m-level rook polynomials and explicit bijections between m-level rook placements.