Explorations of Vector Calculus using Virtual Reality

- Calcflow for Math 20E -

   Welcome to the Virtual Reality (VR) Supplement for Vector Calculus! In this series of VR labs, we will explore the subject of Vector Calculus using Calcflow, a high-performance mathematical tool for VR. With Calcflow, you can actually plot and see many of the two- and three-dimensional objects that you will encounter in your study of Vector Calculus.

   The goal of these assignments is to explore the conceptual side of this beautiful subject. In class, you will undoubtedly have many homework problems that ask you to perform numerous computations. This is important, especially when working in an applied-mathematics environment. However, in order to really internalize what these computations are telling you, it is important to be able to conceptually explain the finer details behind the calculations. Not only does this solidify your understanding of the material at hand, but this can help you build intuition for more advanced topics. Having a strong conceptual understanding of a subject, as well as the necessary computational skills, can make you a stronger mathematician in the future!

   We hope you enjoy exploring Vector Calculus in Calcflow! Now, let's get started. Below, you will find links to the lab assignments, information about the "VR Quiz", and further resources about VR and mathematics.

IMPORTANT: As a reminder, please note that the VR component is worth a percentage of your final grade. Treat these lab assignments as you would treat your "pen-and-paper" homework.

Lab Assignments

The following lab assignments give you the opportunity to visually explore the concepts you will be learning in Math 20E. Please click the links below to access the information page for each lab. There, you will find the assignment details, as well as the questions to answer and submit.

Lab #1: Intro to Calcflow; Change of Variables Theorem Due Date: August 22, 2017
Lab #2: Parametrizations in Three-Space Due Date: September 6, 2017

The Labs will be turned in at the beginning of class time (1pm) by 5pm on the indicated dates above. Labs may be turned in early, but must be given to the TA no later than the aforementioned time.

VR Quiz

The VR Quiz consists of two feedback surveys. These surveys are designed assess how much you learned using the Calcflow software, as well as gather information for how to further improve this course component.

The first quiz will be released at 8pm on Tuesday, August 7th. It is due at 12pm on Wednesday, August 8th.

The second quiz will be released during Week 5. More details will come at a later time.

Tutor Hours

The VR lab hours for the 2017 Summer Academy can be found on the class website, located here.

Further Resources and References

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