Part III


Version 4.0
M. Stankus
Math Dept., UCSD
J. William Helton
M. C. de Oliveira
Math Dept., UCSD
La Jolla, California 92093
Copyright by Helton and Stankus on May 1995, Sept. 1997, April 1999, October 1999, and October 2001
Copyright by Helton, Stankus and de Oliveira on January 2010
all rights reserved.

If you would like to try the NonCommutative Gröbner Basis package or want updates look on the NCAlgebra homepage


The program was written with contributions from Dell Kronewitter, Eric Rowell, Juan Camino, Dave Glickenstein, Kurt Schneider, Victor Shih and Mike Moore, and with support from the AFOSR, the NSF, the Lab for Mathematics and Statistics at UCSD, the Ford Motor Co., the UCSD Faculty Mentor Program and the US Department of Education.

February 1996
September 1997
April 1999
October 1999
October 2001
January 2010


ReleaseNotes NCGB2.02.1.tex

The commands CleanUpBasisQ[] and Iterations[] were removed since they did not serve any real purpose.

ReleaseNotes NCGB3.0.tex

NCGB has been seriously overhauled. The file stucture was made more modular. This facilitates mantainance and the forthcoming NCGB stand alone version. The C++ code was considerably revised to compile under both UNIX and Visual C++.

Added are:

  1. Stronger change of variable commands. (Still experimental)
  2. A command to compute the coefficients of the ”noncommutative” Hilbert series.
  3. A facility for handling psuedoinverses; See NCMakeRelations
  4. Some files are loaded automatically on demand
  5. Commands which save typing, NCAutomaticOrder and NCAddTranspose
  6. A method for automatically changing elimination orders when solving algebraic problems, NCXWholeProcess