Welcome to NCAlgebra


Thanks for downloading NCAlgebra.

You can download the lastest version of NCAlgebra from:



We provide the files NCAlgebra.zip and a NCAlgebra.tgz, which contain the exact same files in different compact formats. PC and Mac people might prefer to download the NCAlgebra.zip file, while Unix people may like the NCAlgebra.tgz file better. Unpacking any of these files will create a directory 'NC' which contains all the files necessary to run NCAlgebra.

If you downloaded the NCAlgebra.zip file:

Use your favorite zip utility to unpack the file NCAlgebra.zip in your favorite location.

If you downloaded the NCAlgebra.tgz file:

You can uncompress the file using your favorite zip utility or using the command line:

  tar xvzf NCAlgebra.tgz

If your tar version does not support zip files you may have to do it in two steps:

  gunzip NCAlgebra.tgz
  tar xvf NCAlgebra.tar


All that is needed for NCAlgebra to run is that its top directory, the 'NC' directory, be on Mathematica's search path. If you are on a unix flavored machine (Solaris, Linux, Mac OSX) then unpacking in your home directory (~) is all you need to do. You may want to try to run NCAlgebra as explained in the next section to see if that works.

If you want to put the files someplace else, all you need to do is to modify Mathematica's search path. You can do this in one of two ways:

If you are experienced with Mathematica:

Edit your init.m file to add the name of the directory which contains the 'NC' folder to the Mathematica variable $Path.


You can use our InstallNCAlgebra.nb notebook to automagically set up the Mathematica's $Path variable. Open this notebook and follow the directions which are found there.

Running NCAlgebra

In Mathematica (notebook or text interface), type

  << NC`

If this fails, your installation has problems (check out previous section). If your installation is succesful you will see a message like:

  You are using the version of NCAlgebra which is found in:
  You can now use "<< NCAlgebra`" to load NCAlgebra or "<< NCGB`" to load NCGB.

Just type

  << NCAlgebra`

to load NCAlgebra, or

  << NCGB`

to load NCAlgebra and NCGB.

Now what?

Extensive documentation is found in the directory DOCUMENTATION.

If you're reading this off the web or from your original NC distribution you can click here to open a pdf version of the User's Manual (PDF) or browse the html version of the User's Manual (HTML).

You may want to try some of the several demo files in the directory DEMOS after you install NCAlgebra.

You can also run some tests to see if things are working fine.




to test NCAlgebra. Type


to test NCGB. We recommend that you restart the kernel before and after running each test set.

Reporting Bugs

Please report any bug or your extraordinarily pleasant experience with NCAlgebra by email ncalg@math.ucsd.edu


Bill Helton, Mauricio de Oliveira & Mark Stankus

San Diego, May 2011