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The code NCAlgebra requires only Mathematica version 2.2 or greater and so is effectively platform independent. The combination of NCAlgebra and NCGB requires Mathematica and runs easily under Solaris and Windows (alpha test). Just download our compiled binary version. Also LateX is recommended for ultimate enjoyment.
The is contained in the software download file. The, document.html, document.pdf can be gotten by clicking on the NCDOCUMENTATION links below. The html version provides a reasonable form of online help. Also, you can see examples and view the document on the NCAlgebra homepage.
NCAlgebra only fans might want to download the Feb 2000 version of NCAlgebra and NCGB below. Then throw away the NCGB directory. NCAlgebra Feb 2000 has some nice new features.

Download NCAlgebra 3.5 and NCGB 3.1 ( Sept 2001 )

NCAlgebra/NCGB for Solaris Sun.tar Sun.tgz
NCAlgebra/NCGB for Linux (Mandrake) Linux.tar Linux.tgz
NCAlgebra/NCGB for Windows 95 through 2000 W95.tar W95.tgz
NCAlgebra NCAlg.tar NCAlg.tgz

Grossly excessive guidance on starting up NCAlgebra and NCGB is Getting Started

Note: The C++ source code for NCGB is in all 3 versions above and you can compile it yourself. This may be difficult and sadly we offer no assitance in compiing. For example, if you have RedHat Linux then you have to do this since our linux version is compiled under Mandrake linux.

NEW NEW - Convexity Package - NEW NEW

Is a given noncommutative function "convex"? You type in a function of noncommutative variables; the command NCConvexityRegion[Func, ListOfVariables] tells you where the (symbolic) Function is convex in the Varables. HERE we have a new version which is much better than the version distributed in Summer of 2001.


Old Convexity package documentation in Postscript
Old Convexity package documentation in PDF

For a paper defining noncommutative convexity and giving (extensive) theory of it:             Theory.pdf

For a related topic: Every "Positive" Noncommutative polynomial is a Sum of Squares"             SoS.pdf
"For a Survey see"             mtnsMI.pdf


Download NCAlgebra and NCGB ALPHA TEST version for WINDOWS Feb 2000

NCAlgebra/NCGB for Windows
Some guidance on starting up NCAlgebra and NCGB is Getting Started

Download NCAlgebra and NCGB for UNIX (Solaris) Feb 2000

NCAlgebra/NCGB for UNIX (Solaris)

Download NCAlgebra and NCGB Documentation Feb 2000 - NCDOCUMENTATION

Detailed NCAlgebra/NCGB documentation in Postscript
Detailed NCAlgebra/NCGB documentation in PDF
Detailed NCAlgebra/NCGB documentation in HTML (Compressed)

Download NCAlgebra but not NCGB, Sept 1997

(Runs immediately on UNIX; Possibly requires trivial modification of paths for PC's and Macintosh)
Download NCAlgebra and NCGB for UNIX, Sept 1997

(To use NCGB source code you need GNU C++ version 2.6.3 or higher; We highly recommend that you have LaTeX; Some other compilers (for example, Sun CC) have bugs which prevent them from compiling the code; We support this code on Sun's and it has been compiled on an HP a long time ago with considerable difficulty; There are precompiled binaries for SunOS4.1.3 and Solaris2.5. Click on one of the following underlined entries to get the source code and Mathematica code. )
Source code

We distribute source code for both NCAlgebra and NCGB but NCGB must be complied using the GNU C++ compiler on UNIX and Visual C++ on Windows. The source code actually is in your download directory. At the moment compiling is still a touchy process.

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