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A practical notation

Notice that, in the above text, we always considered polynomials in indeterminates tex2html_wrap_inline4494 . We will be considering matrices or operators with names such as T, U, tex2html_wrap_inline4500 , tex2html_wrap_inline4502 , tex2html_wrap_inline4504 , etc. If we continue to use a's and x's for the indeterminates, then, in practice, one would be required to keep track of some not-so-easily-rememberable bijection between the indeterminates and matrices such as the bijection tex2html_wrap_inline4510 define by setting tex2html_wrap_inline4512 , tex2html_wrap_inline4514 , tex2html_wrap_inline4516 , etc. Instead we have chosen to use the same name (or a similar name) for the indeterminate and the corresponding matrix.

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