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Definition A factorization


of a system [A,B,C,1] is minimal if the statespace dimension of [A,B,C,1] is tex2html_wrap_inline4798 .

Theorem([BGKvD]) Minimal factorizations of a system [A,B,C,1] correspond to projections tex2html_wrap_inline4032 and tex2html_wrap_inline4034 satisfying tex2html_wrap_inline4044 ,


We begin by giving the algebraic statement of the problem. Suppose that these factors exist. By the Youla-Tissi statespace isomorphism theorem, there is map


which intertwines the original and the product system. Also minimality of the factoring is equivalent to the existence of a two-sided inverse tex2html_wrap_inline4808 to tex2html_wrap_inline4810 . These requirements combine to imply that each of the expressions of (FAC) below is zero.

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