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NCProcess2 command

The input to NCProcess2 is a set of starting equations start, a number of iterations n for SmallBasis and a collection of user selects.

The steps taken by NCProcess2 are:

I. Shrinking the input equations
(1) Shrink start using the RemoveRedundantProtected operation. Call this shrunken set D.
(2) Let tex2html_wrap_inline7752 be the set of polynomials in D which do not involve any unknowns. Let tex2html_wrap_inline7756 . Let tex2html_wrap_inline7758 be a set of the normal forms of the elements of tex2html_wrap_inline7760 with respect to tex2html_wrap_inline7752 . Let tex2html_wrap_inline7764 .
(3) Let F be the union of E and the user selects. Let G be a reduced form of F. (see the beginning of §).
(4) Shrink G by SmallBasis. Set H equal to the result of the shrinking.

II. The ``Attempt Decompose'' ``Displaying the results'' and ``Return a three tuple to the user for future use'' as in §.


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