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This page contains links to older versions of NCAlgebra and NCGB.

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The code NCAlgebra requires only Mathematica (version 5.0 or greater recommended) and so is effectively platform independent. The combination of NCAlgebra and NCGB uses Mathematica and C++ and runs readily under Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris; since compiled binary of the ncgb code (called p9c) is in the distribution. Also, LateX is recommended for ultimate NCGB enjoyment.

NCGBX (new in Version 4.0.6) does NC Groebner Basis calculations and does not require source code compilation.


Download NCAlgebra 4.0.7, NCGB Version 4.0.6 and NCGBX Version 0.0.1 (February 2016)
Compatible with Mathematica 10

Download NCAlgebra 4.0.6, NCGB Version 4.0.6 and NCGBX Version 0.0.1 (February 2015)
Compatible with Mathematica 10

Download NCAlgebra 4.0.5 and NCGB 4.0.5 (July 2013)
Compatible with Mathematica 9

Download NCAlgebra 4.0.4 and NCGB 4.0.4 (August 2012)
Compatible with Mathematica 8

Even older Versions

What can NCAlgebra do for you

You can find examples of systems and control linear matrix inequalities problems being manipulated and numerically solved by NCAlgebra on the UCSD course webpage.
Look for the .nb files, starting with the file sat5.nb at Lecture 8.


For an introduction to NCAlgebra see the short tutorial of some of the most basic commands in HTML or a Mma notebook

Documentation is contained in the software download file. The User's Manual is the pdf file DOCUMENT.pdf, which can also be found in the DOCUMENTATION folder in the distribution or downloaded. You might prefer the html version for easier online reading. Also, you can see examples and view the document on the NCAlgebra homepage.

Grossly excessive guidance on starting up NCAlgebra and NCGB is README

Newer features may not be described in DOCUMENT.pdf.

Newer and most older features are well document in demo notebooks which can be found in the NC/DEMOS directory.

For Developers

We distribute source code for both NCAlgebra and NCGB but NCGB must be complied using the GNU C++ compiler on UNIX and Visual C++ on Windows.

The source code is already provided in your download directory.

NCGBX is 100% Mathematica and does not require compilation.


BSD of NCAlgebra (however NCGB is not BSDed)
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