last modified Jul 18, 1996

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Our Non Commutative Algebra Package which runs under Mathematica© can be downloaded. If you have any trouble getting our software, then send us email at

For an introduction to NCAlgebra and for elementary exercises read NCDOCUMENT.tex. It is available in TeX and Dvi formats (Oct 1994). Here is a short tutorial of some of the most basic commands. This site focuses on using the features of NCAlgebra to solve more advanced problems. This site contains several examples of problems which can be investigated with the aid of the features in NCAlgebra for discovering formulas. The goal is to test these methods on a variety of problems, most of which are classic theorems in some field.

Some of these problems have been solved, but several have not. Even those which have solutions posted lead to other unanswered questions. We would like this site to be as interactive as possible. If you have a solution to one of the problems posted, or you have another problem that you think our software could help solve, please contact us at, and we would be happy to post it here. If you have used our ``discovering methods'' to solve a problem, and you have your own work posted, let us know so we can refer to your page here.




Many of these examples along with more about ``strategies'' is in the paper Computer assistance for ``discovering'' formulas in system engineering and operator theory by J. William Helton and Mark Stankus. It is available via anonymous ftp in either Dvi and PostScript formats (July 1996). It is also on the World Wide Web in HTML format (July 1996). Send comments about this homepage to