The Bart-Gohberg-Kaashoek-Van Dooren Theorem: Step 2

Step 1 has motivated us to declare a new variable P, and to select three other equations. The second step is to run NCProcess1 again (there is limit of 2 iterations) with m n - P added and P declared known as well as A, B and C declared known. The input file is FACStep2.m. The output is a spreadsheet in the file FACans2. Note that the equations in the spreadsheet which are in the undigested section (i.e., below the lowest line of thick black lines) are repeats of those which are in the digested section (i.e., above the lowest line of thick black lines). The symbol indicates that the polynomial equation also appears as a user select on the spreadsheet. We will see how this helps us in the endgame. Since all equations are digested, we have finished using NCProcess1. As we shall see, this output spreadsheet leads directly to the theorem about factoring systems.

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