Course Syllabus: MATH 277A (Tensor Computation), Fall 2017


Instructor: Prof. Jiawang Nie
Office: AP&M 5864.
Phone: (858) 534-6015.
Email: njw "AT" math dot ucsd dot edu.
Office hours: 4:00-5:00 MF


Time: 3:00 - 3:50 pm, MWF
Location: APM 2402

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Course Description

This course will teach basic concepts, theory, algorithms and applications of tensor computation. The topics to be covered include: tensor algebra, tensor space, various tensor ranks (cp-rank, multi-linear rank, border rank, symmetric rank), tensor decompositions, tucker decompositions, low rank approximations, tensor eigenvalues and singular values, nuclear norms, tensor completion/recovery, and other related applications.


Consent by Instructor.


Not required books.

Homework/Project Assignments

Homework/Projects will be assigned and collected in class.
  • Homework Assignment #1, due on 10/25/2017
  • Homework Assignment #2, due on 12/08/2017
  • Please write your names, ID nubmers, and section numbers on your submissions, and staple together your pages.


    There will be no written exams in this class.


    The final course grade will be based on the performance of completing homework/project assignments.

    Academic Integrity

    Every student is expected to conduct themselves with academic integrity. Any kind of cheatings is not allowed in this course. Violations of academic integrity will be treated seriously.

    See UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship.