RTG in Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, and Number Theory

Graduate directed reading for undegraduates

Program description

This quarter-long program was modeled after the GULP program run by the local AWM Chapter (and loosely on the Directed Reading Program network). It consists of small groups of advanced undergraduate students who are curious about algebra, algebraic geometry, or number theory. Each group will explore a topic in one of these subjects under the mentorship of one of our graduate students. At the end of the quarter, the mentees will give a short presentation of what they learned at a pizza party sponsored by the faculty.

By participating in this program, undergraduates get to learn more about a topic in algebra, algebraic geometry, or number theory; gain experience presenting mathematical ideas to their peers; and bond with a graduate student who has experience working as a mathematician.
At the same time, the graduate students get the opportunity to practice pedagogical skills using material familiar to them.
The faculty in the group would be happy to advise/help with curriculum design.


Please fill out the application form by Friday, March 12th, 2021.

Past topics

Spring 2020
  • Baby tropical geometry (Thomas Grubb)
  • Computational algebraic geometry (Peter Wear)
  • Galois representations (Zeyu Liu)
  • (Infinity) Category theory (Jacob Keller)
  • Using proof verification software (Alex Mathers)
  • 27 lines on a cubic surface (Shubham Sinha)
Spring 2018
  • Algebraic curves (Samir Canning)
  • Elliptic Curves (Peter Wear)
  • Ergodic theory with applications to number theory/geometry (Taylor McAdam and Jaqueline Warren)
  • Error correcting codes (Thomas Grubb and Zach Higgins)
  • Modular forms (Zach Higgins and Francois Thilmany)
Spring 2017
  • Intro to Riemann surfaces (Iacopo Brivio)
  • Elementary algebraic geometry (Daniel Smith)
  • Bernoulli Numbers and Zeta Functions (Robert Snellman)
  • Introduction to Lie algebras (François Thilmany)
  • Cox's "Primes of the Form x^2+ny^2" (Peter Wear)
Spring 2016
  • Representation theory of finite groups (Zonglin Jiang)
  • Serre's "Course in Arithmetic" (Peter Wear)

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