Math 155
Using GLUT

    Some of you may wish to use glut, the OpenGL Utility Library, instead of the aux, the OpenGL auxiliary library.  GLUT is more modern and more widely used, but it is not shipped with the Microsoft Windows environment.  Please note that the use of GLUT is entirely optional for Math155 assignments --- it is fine to use the aux library routines instead.

    The advantages of the GLUT routines over the aux routines are mostly in the mouse control functionality, and in better handling of keyboard inputs.   Again, the use of GLUT is optional, but I have done the following for you if you wish to use GLUT:

  1. The directory P:\GLUT contains the header files, object files and dlls needed for using GLUT.
  2. A sample GLUT program in C++ Projects/SolarGLUT on the P: drive.  This program is set up to get include files and object files from the GLUT directory on the P: drive.  If the dll files are not yet installed on the system, you will need to copy them into your execution folder.  
       You may wish to compare the Solar project to the SolarGLUT project to see how to convert from the auxiliary library routines to the GLUT routines.

Documentation of GLUT routines can be found on the course homepage or on the web at