Math 155 - Winter 2000 - Programming Assignment #2B

Programming Assignment #2B: For this assignment you draw two conic Bézier surfaces..

Due date: Wednesday, February 9 (tentative).  You should expect to spend as much time on the mathematics as on the programming aspect of this assignment.  You may wish to find the correct control points for your Bézier surfaces by trial-and-error, rather than by giving a formal proof ab initio

Assigned work:  Render, using Bézier surfaces (or, optionally, NURBS surfaces),

This can be done most easily (or at least, with the fewest number of patches) by using control points positioned at infinity.  If you use control points at infinity to build a sphere from only two patches, write out a proof that your Bézier patch for the sphere really consists only of points lying on the sphere.  You do not need to give a proof for the torus.

Please keep in your code all the functionality of rotation on two axes.  We will need this in order to grade your creation.  As usual your grade is based on all aspects of the assignment (correctness, source code quality, mathematical proofs if included, attractiveness of the view).