Math 155A - Geometric Computer Graphics
Ray Tracing Demonstration Project

Programming assignment #4B.  This is the fourth computer assignment for Math 155B.  New due date: 10:00am, March 10.

Design and render a ray traced scene which is attractive, or beautiful, or striking, or stunning, or remarkable.  Your work will be judged in part on:

Your project should be saved in a BMP, GIF or JPEG file format in as large as format as you can comfortably compute.  To save the screen image as a graphics file, you may use the Alt - Print Screen button to dump the current window, and then paste the image into Paint or other graphics program, which will let you save it in a file. With your permission, I will post the results to the course web page.  There will be a presentation session where you may exhibit your work to the rest of the class.

If you want to be inspired by (or maybe awed by) some student generated ray-tracing scenes, you may check out the University of Waterloo C.S. 488/688 course gallery.