Math 155 - Computer Graphics
U.C. San Diego - Winter 2001

Course Homepage

Instructor: Sam Buss, Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Course Organization.  Syllabus, meeting times, computer labs, lab and office hours, textbook, etc.
      Malachi's office hours during the final exam week have changed from the times announced in class.

Bulletin Board.  A Math155 webboard has been set up for discussion of issues related to assignments and any other aspects of computer graphics.  You should be able to login with your course userid and with your student ID as password.  If you have trouble getting logged in at first, try the UCSD webboard home page.

How to login and use the computer lab.
    2. Compiling and running programs.  Introduction to the Solar demo.
    3. Modelview demo program. Demos the use of model view transformations in OpenGL.
    4. How to create a new C/C++ program.
    5. Midterm topics (outline). Midterm is Wednesday, February 21, regular lecture time.
    6. Using textures in OpenGL. Two sample programs are available, along with code for loading textures from .bmp files.
    7. Final exam topics (outline).  Final Exam is Saturday, March 24, 11:30-2:30

Programming assignments. 
    1. Assignment #1. (A "mini" assignment).  Modify the Solar demo to have better animation control and a single-step mode.
                    Scheduling a grading session for assignment #1.
    2. Assignment #2.   Build a more complex solar system using ModelView transformations.
    3. Assignment #3.   Build a wireframe torus with animation.
        The solution to assignment #3 is now available on insci14 in ../public/Projects/WrappedTorus.
    4. Assignment #4.    Add lights and material properties to your torus program. 
     Due date extended 24 hours to midnight, Tuesday 27.
    5. Assignment #5.   Choose from one of several projects involving textures or animation.
            Scheduled Grading Times.   If you are not signed up, you MUST arrange a time with us by Tuesday.
            Instructions on how to make executable available for the Saturday demos.

Written Homework Assignments. HTML format.   Usually due in class, one week (three lectures) after the lecture in which the assignment is given.
    ANSWERS: For homeworks #2 and #3 and #4 availble from Malachi's Math 155 web page.   (The answers for all three sets are gathered together into a single file.)
                        For homework #5 (Bezier curves): answers now available.

General resources for graphics.