Math 176

Getting Started with the Computers

    The course computer lab is the large Unix lab in APM B402, and there is supposed to be an overflow room in EBU2-313.  If you login remotely, you need to login to  You should make sure as soon as possible that you have a functioning userid and are able to compile and run Java programs, and that you can access the public files for the course.

    If you are preregistered for the course, you can pick up computer account information from me during the first class lecture.  If you are not preregistered, I have to fill out a form for you and then you will need to go to the APM 2nd floor office to get an account (unfortunately this usually involves long lines).

    Once you have an account:  make sure you are able to login.   Look in the directory ../public for course files.  In particular, in the directory ../public/ProgHomework0, you will find a "hello world" test program and a README file.  Please verify that you can access these files, and that you are able to compile and run the test program, after you copy the test program to your own directory.  Note that you must always give the "prep jdk" command to have access to the java compiler and interpreter.

    Your next job: in the directory ../public/ProgHomework1, you will find files that will be useful for the first homework.  With the exception of one very large data file, these are also accessible from the course homepage, at