Math 160A - Mathematical Logic
Winter 2002.  UCSD.  Instructor S. Buss

Organizational items

Textbook: H. Enderton, A Mathematical Introduction to Logic, Second Edition, Harcourt - Academic Press 2001.  Make sure you get the second edition, not the first edition.  The second edition's publication date is listed variously as 2000 or 2001.

Syllabus: First quarter: The plan is to cover propositional and first-order logic, up through the soundness and completeness theorems.  Our approach is mathematical, but we will also consider applications to philosophy, and especially to computer science. 
    Second quarter: I hope to cover the completeness theorem, rcomputability, and the incompleteness theorem.

Prerequisites: Math 100A or 103A.   However, there are no particular mathematical prerequisites beyond a certain level of "mathematical maturity".  If you lack the formal prerequisites please talk to me about enrolling in the course.

Grading: Homeworks, quizes, one midterm and final exam.  Midterm will be approximately 25% of the course grade, and the final exam approximately 40% of the course grade. 

Course participation:  First quarter: While not it is not strictly speaking required, it is HIGHLY recommended that you attend lectures faithfully.  This is even more important now that we have switched formats to having a lot proofs presented by students!!
    Second quarter: Attendance is required.  Two free passes allowed.

Theorem proving.  Guidelines for proof presentations by students.

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