Communication networks with self-similar traffic

Boris Tsybakov (Qualcomm Inc.)

The talk is a review of some results on a discrete-time finite-buffer queueing system, which models a communication network multiplexer fed by self-similar packet traffic. The review includes also some new results which have not been published. First, the definitions of second-order self-similar processes are given. Then a queueing model is introduced. It has a finite buffer, a number of servers with unit service time, and input traffic which is an aggregation of independent source-active periods having Pareto-distributed lengths and arriving as Poisson batches. A source generates a Bernoulli sequence of packets. Asymptotic bounds for the buffer-overflow and packet-loss probabilities are given. The bounds show a true asymptotic behaviour of the probabilities in some cases. The bounds decay algebraically with buffer-size growth and exponentially with excess of channel capacity over traffic rate.