Grad/Undergrad Learning Program - Slightly Spiced Statistics


Welcome to the homepage of the GULP in statistics running by me at Winter 2015. I designed this program to be a bridge between standard undergraduate statistics courses and the graduate courses in mathematical statistics. We will discuss some slightly advanced topics in order to draw a big picture of classical point estimation problem. Some popular statistical methods will be discussed as well if time permits.

The prerequisite for the program is some exposure of undergraduate analysis, probability and statistics. If you have take a course it is certainly a plus.

If you have questions or are willing to join, please do not hesitate to email me.

Lecture notes 1 on probability tools.

Lecture notes 2 on statistical modeling and estimators.

Lecture notes 3 on unbiasedness and variance-bias tradeoff.

Lecture notes 4 on Cremer-Rao Bound and Fisher Information.

Lecture notes 5 on Examples for C-R bounds.

Lecture notes 6 on Sufficiency and completeness.

Lecture notes 7 on Some examples and up/downs.

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