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Graduate Travel

Graduate Student Travel Guidelines

Departmental travel awards are available to graduate students to fund travel to scholarly meetings.



  • Preference will be given to attendance in well-established conferences, symposia, or workshops with substantial attendance (e.g. sponsored by professional societies/associations).
  • The student's advisor must support/recommend the student's attendance.
  • The student should be a full time Ph.D. student in the department of mathematics in good academic standing. Typically, grad students early in their Ph.D. (for instance, before advancement) are not recommended for a travel award.
  • Only the attendee may apply for a travel award, and only expenses directly related to the academic purpose of the meeting may be considered. Side trips, holidays, tourist visits and entertainment are not covered.
  • Typically only one trip per fiscal year (July 1–June 30) for any student will be awarded. There is no limit to the number of travel awards students may receive over a period of years.



  • Prior to travel forms must be completed, comprising the online form below, as well as the UC San Diego student certification for business related travel.
  • Acceptance of a paper or invitation from the organizers, if applicable, must be indicated in the online form (web address of the meeting showing applicant's name listed is sufficient if giving a talk/poster or if in the list of invitees).
  • A proposed budget must be completed in the online form.
  • Other support if available (for example, advisor's NSF grant) is provided in the online form. The student should consult with their Ph.D. advisor to support their plans.
  • The applicant should provide in the online form a short (one paragraph) explanation of the scholarly goals, academic purpose and rationale for attending. Typically, grad students early in their Ph.D. are not recommended for a travel award.
  • The department offers a maximum of $600 for domestic travel and $1,200 for foreign travel, which may be adjusted depending on the budget submitted for the event.
  • Eligible covered items for all students include a standard economy airfare ticket at or below the city-pair airfare, registration fees, hotels, and ground transportation. Rental cars, entertainment, and non-business related meals are typically not reimbursable.
  • Air travel should be booked at a reasonable time in advance of travel to help reduce costs; expenses beyond those of a reasonable advance-purchase airfare will not be covered.
  • Costs of upgrades (including, for example, costs for upgrades such as extra legroom or amenities, premium economy, etc.) beyond the eligible covered items described above must be paid by the traveler or from other sources. No payment will be approved towards a first class or business class ticket.
  • Incomplete or undocumented applications will not be recommended for a travel award.
  • Post travel forms must be completed, including the information for travel expense voucher (TEV form), as well as the UC San Diego student certification for business related travel.


Pre-Travel: How to Apply for a Travel Award

  • Applications may be submitted online at: (login required) -> "Graduate Travel" app

  • Applications received by the application closing date will be reviewed and decisions made. You will be notified by email should your application be successful. 
  • Please submit any questions to Graduate Affairs Vice-Chair Jacques Verstraete at


Post-Travel: Traveler Responsibilities

Post travel forms must be completed, including the information for:

The above fully-completed forms and all receipts should be immediately submitted to Graduate Support Specialist Mark Whelan at upon your return so that your reimbursement can be processed promptly.