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(MA34) Mathematics-Scientific Computation B.S.

B.S. effective Winter 2003.

Faculty advisors: Li-Tien ChengJiawang Nie

This major prepares students to use scientific computation to solve complicated numerical problems. Requirements include upper division linear algebra, statistics, numerical analysis, optimization, and scientific computing. Up to 12 units of upper division courses may be taken from outside the department in a scientific computation area in the sciences or engineering if approved by petition.

This major has been discontinued for entering students as of the 2021-2022 academic year.

All students currently in the MA34 major will be allowed to continue in the degree program through graduation if they so choose. They will follow the curriculum as listed in the General Catalog from the year they entered UCSD. Note, however, that some major requirements (particularly Math 179) may be less frequently offered or discontinued completely in the future. With recent changes to the MA27 Applied Math degree, students in the MA34 major may find a more simplified degree path in numerical math, optimization and computation within our Applied Math curriculum.