Math104A Fall, 2008 Homepage

Final Exam Monday 12/8 11:30-2:30 205 Center Hall (Regular classroom).

Bring a blue book.

Here is a listing of topics for the Final.

Topics list.

Below is a link to some problems that you can look upon as a practice final (except the final will not be as long). The problems are at the level of the difficulty of the exam: There is a typo in problem 5 in line 3 of the problem change 7x+11y to 5x+7y.

Practice problems

Here are some links to free mathematical software.

A general purpose math package is Maxima. Here is a link:

The Maxima package

Another general package called that basically works under Linux but the link below allows it run under windows called SAGE:

The Sage package

The best program for number theory is PARI/GP. It has a higher learning curve but is very worthwhile to learn. Here is a link.

The Pari/GP package follow the links for PARI/GP for your operating system

Professor Wallach's office hours are

Monday 2:00-3:00 and Friday 2:00-3:00 and by appointment

The TA for the course is Kevin McGown

His email is

His office hours are Tuesday 2:00-2:50 and Friday 3:00 to 4:00

Each week (except the first) homework will be collected in Section on Monday (all assignments made the previous week will be collected)

The grade will be based on:

Homework 10%

Quiz 15%

Midterm 25%

Final 50%

Here is a link to the first supplement to the text.

Supplement 1 for Math 104A

Homework:Due Monday 10/6 Exercises 1-8 in Supplement 1 and the extra problems in the following link

Extra problems due 10/6

Homework: Due Monday 10/13 From the text:

pp.13-16 1 (i),(ii),3.,4.,9 (i),(ii),5* (*=harder), 19 (ii),(iii), 21 (i),(ii).

All 6 exercises in the extra problems in the following link.

Extra problems due 10/13

The problems due for 10/20 are:

From the book:p.13 2., p.54 2.,3. (i),(ii),(iii)*,4* and all of the problems in the following link:

Extra problems assigned for 10/20

The problems due on 10/27 are:

From the text: pp.54-57 1. (i)-(iv),5,6,15(i),(ii),16,27(i). All of the problems in

Extra problems assigned for 10/27

Below is supplement 2 for the course. It explains the term numbers to base m. Our numbers as we write them are to base 10. There are also some problems that are the assignment for 10/27 (due 11/3). MISPRINT: Problem 4 should say 2^p - 1 not p -1.

Supplement 2 for Math 104A

Homework due on 11/3. The problems in supplement 2 above and p.57 26,27(ii).

Below is supplement 3 for the course. It covers some of the results on polynomials over a field that are used in the text. this material is a standard part of Math 100 and or Math 102. Some number theoretic implications are also in these notes. They will be the text for the lectures in the course 11/3 and 11/5. The version below is a corrected version which was uploaded on 11/4 (if you have already printed the earlier version you need only replace pages 7,8,9,10).

Supplement 3 for Math 104A

Homework due 11/10 problems 1-5 and problem 9 in Supplement 3.

There have been more changes in the last part of supplement 3. You should print (yet again) pages 7,8,9,10 and 11. There are 5 new problems in supplement 3 that will be assigned on 11/10.

Here is a link to supplement 4.

Supplement 4 for Math 104A

Homework for 11/17 problems 1-11 in Supplement 3. and 1-4 in supplement 4.

There are new pages in Supplement4 (113-117). Also Jet Au has found a typo in Problem 10 Supplement 4. The first sentence should say x congruent to +1 or -1 mod 12 (it said mod 3). Also the second sentence should say p congruent to -1 mod 3 (not +-1).

Homework for 11/24 Problems 5-17 in Supplement 4. Exercis 7 (i)-(ii) p. 75 in Rose and read chapter 4 in Rose. Another misprint in problem 8 it should say b^2-4ac NOT a^2-4bc.

Homework for Dec 1. p.28 1 (i),(ii),(iii), 2 (i),4,5,10 ((i,j)=gcd(i,j)), 13 (i).