Math104B Winter, 2009 Homepage

I will have extra office hours Thursday 3/19 from 1:00 to 3:00 APM7456.

Kevin will do a reviw session on Thursday 3/19 from 4:30-6:30 in APM 7218

Topics covered in the course (as of 3/30)

Below is a link to practice problems for the midterm (in problem 3 replace "an integral solution" with "two noncongruent integral solutions modulo p").

Practice problems

Professor Wallach's office hours are

Monday 2:00-3:00 and Friday 2:00-3:00 and by appointment

The TA for the course is Kevin McGown

His email is

His office hours are MF 12:00-1:00 in APM 6432

Each week (except the first) homework will be collected in Section on Monday (all assignments made the previous week will be collected)

The grade will be based on:

Homework 10%

Quiz 15%

Midterm 25%

Final 50%

The lectures given using the laptop projector can be found below (the first is 1/23)

Lecture 1 using projector 1/23

Ignore the last line.

Lecture 2 using projector 1/26

Lecture 4 using projector 1/30

History of Math material mentioned in the lecture

Lectures 5 and 6 (2/4,2/6) using projector

The following starts where the one above ends.

Lecture 7 (2/9) using projector

Lecture 8 (2/11) using projector

Lecture 9 (2/13) using projector

Lecture 10 (2/19) using projector

Lecture 11 (2/23) using projector

Lecture 12 (2/25) using projector

Lecture 13 (2/27) using projector

Lecture 14 (3/2) using projector

Lecture 15 and 16 (3/4,6) using projector

Lecture 17 and 18 (3/9,11) using projector

Lecture 19 (3/13) using projector.

Below is material on Gauss sums and characters that differs from Rose's exposition.

Gauss sums and characters

Homework for 1/12/09 (to Rose p is a prime)

p.29 9(i),p.31 17 (i),(ii),p.99 8(i),(ii), 9, 11 (i),18(i), 21 (i), 22 Only the cases in 21(i).

Honework assigned on 1/12 p.100 16 (i),(ii), 18 (ii),(iii),101 25

the following links are to extra problems which will be due on January 26. In problem 3 of the extra problems below the map phi should be given by j maps to chi_j.

Extra problems assigned for 1/26

More extra problems assigned for 1/26 Also due on 1/26 p.123 17.

Homework for 2-02

Homework due on 2/9 p. 142 1,2,3,7,8 and

More extra problems for 2-09

Homework assigned for 2/17 (so far) p.142 9,10 and

Extra problems for 2-17

Homework for 2/20 p. 98 1 (you should look at supplement 3 from the math104a web page on my home page), 3 (i),(ii),6 (i),(ii) and p. 160 1. Don't forget (for these problems) that an algebraic integer is a complex number satisfying a monic equation with integral coefficients

Extra problems assigned 3/2

Extra problems assigned 3/4

Homework due 3/9 Extra problems 5,6 above, the problems in the notes for 3/4 and 3/6 and p. 243 5(i),(ii). In addition prove that if Re s > 1 then 1/zeta(s) is the sum mu(n)n^(-s) where mu(n) is the Moebius function. (Hint: Use the product formula.)