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Math 207a Winter 2015


Chevalley's paper

Vinberg's paper

Vinberg-Elashvili paper

Course notes (about 2/3)


Below are the lectures I have given using the tablet

Tablet Lecture 1

Tablet Lecture 2: Tangent Space

Tablet Lecture 3: Closed Orbits

Tablet Lecture 4: Kempf-Ness

Tablet Lecture 5:The Weyl Group

Tablet Lecture 6:Restriction Theorem

Tablet Lecture 7:Dynamical system

Tablet Lecture 8:The main theorem

Friday exercises

Set 1

Set 2

In the above exercise the


should have been V\otimesV\otimesV.

Set 3

Set 4

For 2/14 Problem 2 of Set 3 and

Set 5

Set 6