Material for Math 207C Spring 2010.

The following consists of the almost legible, very rough lecture notes for the first lecture.

The first lecture.

In the following material the reference [GW] is to the link after the next one. The reference to [S] is to Shafarevich Basic Algebraic Geometry I, Second Edition, Springer-Verlag, Berlin,1994.

It is a fix with some additions to the original version (note the date). The major changes are from p.9 on.

Basic Algebraic Geometry (Revised 4/13/10)

The appendix on algebraic geometry in Goodman-Wallach, Symmetry, represenations and invariants,

Below is a link to the basic material we will be using on Algebraic and Lie Groups.

Material on Algebraic and Lie groups.

Most of the material that is unproved in this link can be found in

The first chapter in GW.

The appendix on Manifolds in GW.

Material on Basic geometric invariant theory.