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The research contained in the items below has been partially supported by NSF and ARO grants.

Unentangled bases and Gleason's theorems.

Resolvent and lattice points on symmetric spaces of strictly negative curvature. With R.Bruggeman and R. Miatello

Generalized Whittaker vectors for holomorphic and quaternionic representations.(Revised 10/24/2000)

Qsym over Sym is free.(joint with A.Garsia)

A Pieri rule for Hermitian symmetric pairs. (joint with T. Enright and M. Hunziker)

Hilbert series of measures of entanglement for 4 qubits.

Holomorphic continuation of generalized Jacquet integrals for degenerate principal series.(Revised August,2005)

Below is a joint paper with Jessica Benton and Rion Snow.

A combinatorial problem associated with nonograms

Four chapters from a MS on The Development of Mathematics.(Revised June 23, 2005)

On the Hilbert polynomials and Hilbert series of homogeneous projective varieties (joint with B. Gross,11/2007)

Polarizations and nullcone of representations of reductive groups.(joint with H.Kraft,10/2007).

On a Theorem of Ranee Brylinski(joint with B. Kostant,1/2009).

On the algebraic set of singular elements in a complex simple Lie algebra,(joint with B. Kostant 11/2010).