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Samuel R. Buss
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Department of Mathematics
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, California 92093-0112, USA

Office: APM 7456.
Email: sbuss@ucsd.edu or sambuss@gmail.com.
Office: (858) 534-6455. Fax: (858) 534-5273.
Voice mail transcribed to text message: (858) 792-9674.
Mobile: 442 2877, same area code.

Office hours: Please see my course web pages (links are below) for office hours. When I am not teaching, or if the course office hours are not convenient, please email to make an appointment.

Current & recent courses on the web

Research Papers

    A web page with my publications, including downloadable versions of most items.


   3D Computer Graphics: A Mathematical Introduction with OpenGL, Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Old courses on the web

    An archive of old course web pages.

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