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Richard Libby - Donates $50K to Math Dept.

Richard Libby ('80, MA '82, PhD) received his degrees in mathematics at UC San Diego before starting a successful career in the finance industry. His recent $100,000 contribution to the university exemplifies his passion for using mathematics in concert with finance and business, in particular when it comes to assessing market risk. Half of his unique gift will go to the Department of Mathematics and half to the Rady School of Management in support of graduate studies and research. In light of current events, Richard also agreed to a secondary designation to support the math department’s greatest needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Virtual Conference on Several Complex Variables - August 18-21, 2020

A Virtual Conference on Several Complex Variables will be held August 18-21, 2020. See conference website.

Melvin Leok, Boris Kramer - Newton Award

Professor Melvin Leok (Mathematics) and Assistant Professor Boris Kramer (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) were awarded a "Newton Award for Transformative Ideas during the COVID-19 Pandemic" by the U.S. Department of Defense for their proposal "Geometric Structure-Preserving Model Reduction for Large-Scale Interconnected Systems". See UCSD News Release.

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Fall 2020 Qualifying & Comprehensive Exams

Algebra – August 31
Real Analysis – September 1
Statistics – September 2
Complex Analysis – September 3
Applied Algebra – September 4
Numerical – September 8
Topology – September 9

MATH 282 Comprehensive exam - September 22 

Questions? Please contact Kelly Guerriero (

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Math Industry Day - September 16, 2020

Wednesday, September 16th from 11:00 AM- 12:15 PM

Math Industry Day

The Department of Mathematics in collaboration with the Student Success Center is hosting a Math Industry Day: Careers in Finance webinar that will feature presentations by industry speakers as they share more about their academic and career journey, their current company, top skills they are seeking in a successful candidate, and more! Attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance as well as participate in the live Q & A. Register and submit questions here


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Tuesday  •  December 1, 2020

11:00am  •  Zoom Meeting ID: 926 7798 0955

Brian Tran
    Discrete Multisymplectic and Variational Principles of the FEM in Lagrangian Field Theory

Center for Computational Mathematics Seminar

11:30am  •  Zoom information: Meeting ID: 933 6734 4286 Password: topology

Calista Bernard
    Twisted homology operations

Math 292 - Topology Seminar

5:00pm  •  Email for Zoom link

Eric Chen
    Ricci flow and integral pinching results, Part 1

Seminar on Cheeger-Colding theory, Ricci flow, Einstein metrics, and Related Topics

Wednesday  •  December 2, 2020

11:00am  •  Zoom ID: 960 7952 5041

Gabor Szekelyhidi
    Uniqueness of certain cylindrical tangent cones

Math 258 - Differential Geometry

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Adrian Ioana

Functional Analysis / Operator Theory

Ergodic Theory Orbit Equivalence, Representation Theory of Groups, von Neumann Algebras

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