Math 155 - Winter 2001
Programming Assignment #5

Programming Assignment #5: Choose from one of several projects involving textures or animation or other special OpenGL features.

Due date: Saturday, March 17.  Midnight.

For this assignment, you will choose an individual project from the list below.  You will need to design the details of the project, and you have a great deal of flexibility in how you design it and what you implement.  It is expected that no two of you will do exactly the same kind of project.   Please note the features in the projects are only suggestions, and you are free to design different details in your project.

Level of effort:  This is a major programming assignment.   The level of effort should be higher than that for the earlier assignments; however, it should not be unreasonably high.  I would expect you to spend  20 hours on the project, but not over 30 hours.  I highly recommend that you implement your project in phases, so that you get one feature or aspect of the project implemented at a time.  In this way, if you run into difficulties and take extra time on one aspect of the project, then you still have results from your work to show.

You must choose a project, and let me know what it is, no later than Monday, March 5.  A signup sheet is available in class Monday, or you may email me your choice.

What to hand in: