Association for Sybolic Logic: Annual Meeting

Schedule of Contributed Talks:

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Sunday, March 21
4:15-4:35 Amy K.C.S. Vanderbilt Kejia Ho Riccardo Camerlo
4:40-5:00 Samir Chopra Dejia Wang Annalisa Marcja
5:05-5:25 Leon Horsten Maciej Smuga-Otto Gearge Weaver
5:30-5:50 Tarek Sayed Ahmed   Paul Bankston
Monday, March 22
4:15-4:35 Geoffrey Hellman Yi Zhang Jouko Vaananen
4:40-5:00 Jukka Keranen Amir Leshem Richard Zach
5:05-5:25 Byeong-Uk Yi Garvin Melles Norman Danner
5:30-5:50 Frank Wroblewski Mark Burgin Andrew Arana

Papers contributed by title.

Session I-A: Sunday, March 21 in Center Hall, Room 217A.
4:15-4:35: Amy K.C.S. Vanderbilt* and Douglas Cenzer, "Intuitionistic default theories and their common derivations."
4:40-5:00: Samir Chopra* and Rohit Parikh, "An inconsistency tolerant model for belief representation and belief revision."
5:05-5:25: Leon Horsten, "Intensionality in epestemic arithmetic."
5:30-5:50: Tarek Sayed Ahmed, "The class of neat reducts is not elementary."
Session I-B: Sunday, March 21 in Center Hall, Room 217B.
4:15-4:35: Kejia Ho* and Frank Stephan, "On bounding simple sets inside m-degrees."
4:40-5:00: Dejia Wang, "Saturation properties in the structure of the computably enumerable degrees."
5:05-5:25: Maciej Smuga-Otto, "Non-dense embedding of lattices into the d-r.e. degrees."
Session I-C: Sunday, March 21 in Center Hall, Room 218.
4:15-4:35: Riccardo Camerlo* and Alexander Kechris, "Countable structures with a fixed group of automorphisms."
4:40-5:00: Mannalisa Marcja* and Carlo Toffalori, "Diagramatic and topological methods in the decision problem for modules."
5:05-5:30: Gearge Weaver, "The first order theory of Dedekind algebras."
5:35-5:50: Paul Bankston, "The model theory of continua."

Session II-A: Monday, March 22 in Center Hall, Room 217A.
4:15-4:35: Geoffrey Hellman, "Maximality vs. extendability: A Zermellian-structuralist view of some recent results of McGee on set-theoretic determinateness."
4:40-5:00: Jukka Keranen, "The individuation problem: Realist structuralism is dead."
5:05-5:25: Byeong-Uk Yi, "The language and logic of plurals."
5:30-5:50: Frank Wroblewski, "Completing classical logic."
Session II-B: Monday, March 22 in Center Hall, Room 217B.
4:15-4:35: Yi Zhang, "A problem of E. van Douwen and A. Miller."
4:40-5:00: Amir Leshem, "0# and elementary end extensions of V_kappa."
5:05-5:25: Doug Burke and Garvin Melles*, "Generalized Levy-Shoenfield absoluteness."
5:30-5:50: Mark Burgin, "Algorithmic problems for super-recursive algorithms."
Session II-C: Monday, March 22 in Center Hall, Room 218.
4:15-4:35: Jouko Vaananen, "Quasi-finite model theory."
4:40-5:00: Matthias Baaz and Richard Zach*, "Infinite-valued Godel logics."
5:05-5:25: Norman Danner* and Daniel Leivant, "Stratified polymorphism and primitive recursion."
5:30-5:50: Andrew Arana, "Degrees of n-diagrams of nonstandard models of arithmetic."

Talks contributed by title.
Toshiyasu Arai, "Epsilon substitution method for theories of jump hierarchies."
John Corcoran, "Logical form of quantifiers phrases: Quantifier-sortal-variable."
Billy Joe Lucas, "The logic of purely epistemic obligation."
Albert Mullin, "Properties of recursive sequences."
Cyrus Nourani, "Non-monotonic model culmination."
Ralf Schindler, "Remarks on coding into L(R)."

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