Photo of Ery Arias-Castro
Ery Arias-Castro

Research Areas

Applied Probability

Image Processing

Spatial Statistics

Machine Learning

High-dimensional Statistics

Photo of Jelena Bradic
Jelena Bradic

Research Areas

Asymptotic Theory

Stochastic Optimization

High Dimensional Statistics

Applied Probability

Photo of Dimitris Politis
Dimitris Politis

Research Areas


Bootstrap Methods

Time Series Analysis

Photo of Ronghui Lily Xu
Ronghui Lily Xu

Research Areas

Survival Analysis

Random Effects Models

Machine Learning Methods

Clinical Trials

Causal Inference

Photo of Danna Zhang
Danna Zhang

Research Areas

Time-varying network

Change-point detection

High-dimensional time series

Applied probability

High-order statistics

Photo of Wenxin Zhou
Wenxin Zhou

Research Areas

Asymptotic Theory

Robust Statistics

Nonparametric Statistics

Large-scale Statistical Inference