The history of UCSD as an outgrowth of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography is documented in the book An Improbable Venture, but there is little to be found there about the Mathematics Department.

The campus was first conceived in the late 1950s as a graduate and research Institute of Technology and Engineering. The new school was to provide instruction and research in mathematics, physics, chemistry, the earth and biological sciences, and engineering. The first faculty appointment was made in July 1957. The original plans were soon expanded into a more general campus under the leadership of Roger Revelle, director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography; and in 1959, the UC Regents approved the University of California, La Jolla. A year later, the campus was renamed the University of California, San Diego and its first graduate students were enrolled.

UCSD admitted its first undergraduate students in 1964, the year after the Mathematics Department was formed. The founder of the Mathematics Department was Stefan E. Warschawski, a complex analyst who had been Mathematics Department Chair at the University of Minnesota. The Mathematics Department's special Stefan E. Warschawski Visiting Assistant Professorship, the first appointment to which was made in 1980, is named in his honor. This named assistant professorship was originally a 2-year term and was extended to a 3-year term in 2006.

The Mathematics Department's first year was largely devoted to the recruitment of faculty and preparation of graduate and undergraduate curricula, but some graduate instruction was offered. In September 1964, the Mathematics Department started full-fledged operation with six professors and two assistant professors, approximately 30 graduate students, and an entering class of 181 undergraduates (freshmen). On February 1, 1965, the Mathematics Department's programs for instruction leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics were approved.

The graduate program in 1964-65 provided basic full-year courses in real and complex analysis, modern algebra and topology, a year course on Methods of Applied Mathematics, and one on Numerical Analysis. In addition, seminars on algebra, topology, and functional analysis were conducted for advanced students. A weekly colloquium was held and frequent special lectures by visiting lecturers, especially in connection with recruitment of additional faculty, were given.

The Mathematics Department began the year 1965-66 with a considerably expanded staff of 12 regular and five visiting (or acting) members of all professorial ranks. All senior members of the Mathematics Department had federal research grants. The graduate program was expanded by additional courses in partial differential equations, functional analysis, and probability. A program providing for the undergraduate major in mathematics and service courses to other fields was offered.

Photo of Math Faculty in 1968

Click to see the Math Faculty in 1968

The Mathematics Department was originally housed in Urey Hall on the Revelle campus, and moved to what was called Building 2A-2A' (now labeled the Applied Physics and Mathematics (AP&M) building) on the Muir campus in July 1969. The Mathematics Department offices currently occupy the entire 7th and 6th floors of AP&M, in addition to parts of the 5th, 2nd, 1st, and Basement floors. Additional offices were added in the nearby Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) building in September 2022.

A photographic and narrative history of the modernist architectural design used for Muir campus buildings such as AP&M is detailed on the The History of UC San Diego website, on the John Muir College website, on the Planning, Design and Construction website, on the Modern San Diego website, and in the The Campus Guide: University of California, San Diego book.

In the following lists, years run from July 1 to June 30. An appointment listed during a year means that the appointment became effective during that year, normally July 1, and a departure listed during a year means that the person left at some time during the year, normally June 30. The list of teaching visitors is somewhat suspect, as the records are difficult to trace in many cases.


Department Chairs

Service Term Department Chair
2023-Present Michael Holst
2020-2023 James McKernan
2016-2020 Lei Ni
2010-2016 Peter Ebenfelt
2006-2010 Samuel Buss
2004-2006 Bruce Driver
2002-2004 James Bunch
1998-2002 Jeffrey Remmel
1994-1998 Michael Sharpe
1990-1994 Harold Stark
1986-1990 Thomas Enright
1981-1986 Hubert Halkin
1977-1981 Burton Rodin
1973-1977 Donald Anderson
1971-1973 Jaap Korevaar
1968-1971 Helmut Rohrl
1967-1968 Murray Rosenblatt
1963-1967 Stefan Warschawski


Changes in Personnel

2023-2024 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Leesa Anzaldo
  Joshua Frisch
  Natalia Komarova
Visitor TBA
2022-2023 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Daniel Grier
  Ko Woon Ohm
  Yuhua Zhu
Departures Philip Gill (Retired)
  Ruth Williams (Retired)
  Wenxin Zhou (University of Illinois Chicago)
Visitor Shishir Agrawal
  Mohsen Aliabadi
  Jon Aycock
  Marco Carfagnini
  Yuan Hu
  Christian Klevdal
  Yunze Lu
  Panchali Nag
  Amit Ophir
  David Parise
  Pratyush Sarkar
  Honghi Sheng
2021-2022 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Denise Rava
  Lutz Warnke
Departures Jianfeng Lin (Tsinghua University)
  Jacob Sterbenz
  Efim Zelmanov (Retired)
Visitor Eva Belmont
  Johannes Brust
  Kwun Chung
  Cain Edie-Michell
  Reuven Hodges
  Brett Kolesnik
  Aranya Lahiri
  Ming Zhang
2020-2021 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Aaron Pollack
  Xiaochuan Tian
  Zhouli Xu
Departures Bruce Driver (Retired)
  Alvaro Pelayo (Complutense University of Madrid)
Visitor Pooja Agarwal
  Brandon Alberts
  Pak-Yeung Chan
  Be'eri Greenfeld
  Kisun Lee
  Shuang Liu
  Mohandas Pillai
  Andrew Zucker
2019-2020 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Ioana Dumitriu
  Jianfeng Lin
  Frederick Manners
  Brandon Seward
  Luca Spolaor
Departures Randolph Bank (Retired)
  Tarek Elgindi (Duke University)
  Benedict Gross (Retired)
  Ila Varma (University of Toronto)
Visitor Caroline Moosmueller
  Yuriy Nemish
  Matthew Wiersma
2018-2019 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Steven Sam
  Ila Varma
Departures James Agler (Retired)
Visitor Benson Au
  Mareike Dressler
  Nathan Green
  Michail Savvas
  Joshua Swanson
  Nattalie Tamam
2017-2018 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Alex Cloninger
  Tarek Elgindi
  Benedict Gross
  Andrew Suk
  Ming Xiao
  Danna Zhang
  Wenxin Zhou
Departures Ian Abramson (Retired)
  Jeffrey Remmel (Deceased)
Visitor Eddie Aamari
  Ian Charlesworth
  Aleksandr Knop
  Martin Licht
2016-2017 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Amir Mohammadi
  David Quarfoot
  Tianyi Zheng
  Andrej Zlatos
Departures None
Visitor Reza Aghajani
  Nicholas Buskin
  Sean Curry
  Thang Huynh
2015-2016 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Jonathan Novak
Departures Fan Graham (Retired)
Visitor Xu Wang
2014-2015 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Daniel Kane
  Alvaro Pelayo
Departures Adriano Garsia (Retired)
  William Helton (Retired)
Visitor Grzegorz Banaszak
  Remi Boutonnet
  Bing Cheng
  Bruno Pelletier
  Jorge Pereira
2013-2014 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Rayan Saab (Numerical Analysis)
  Claus Sorensen (Representation Theory)
Departures Mark Gross (University of Cambridge)
  James Lin (Retired)
Visitor Jim Conant
  Lilit Martirosyan
  Bruno Pelletier
  Amber Puha
  Wiseley Wong
2012-2013 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Elham Izadi (Algebraic Geometry)
  James McKernan (Algebraic Geometry)
Departures Ronald Evans (Retired)
  Ben Weinkove (Northwestern University)
Visitor Paul Bryan
  Pavel Kolesnikov
  Jacek Leskow
  Jeroen Schillewaert
  Michael Soltys-Kulinicz
2011-2012 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Adam Bowers (Functional Analysis / Operator Theory)
  Jelena Bradic (Statistics)
  Adrian Ioana (Functional Analysis / Operator Theory)
  Alireza Salehi Golsefidy (Algebra)
Departures Salah Baouendi (Deceased)
  Nitya (Nitu) Kitchloo (Johns Hopkins University)
  Hans Lindblad (Johns Hopkins University)
  Kate Okikiolu (Johns Hopkins University)
  Harold Stark (Retired)
Visitor None
2010-2011 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals None
Departures Jozsef Balogh (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  Wee Gan (National University of Singapore)
  Linda Rothschild (Retired)
  Nolan Wallach (Retired)
  Daniel Wulbert (Retired)
Visitor Jiri Lebl
  Mia Minnes
2009-2010 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Jozsef Balogh (Combinatorics)
Alina Bucur (Number Theory)
Kiran Kedlaya (Number Theory)
Todd Kemp (Probability)
Melvin Leok (Numerical Analysis)
Departures Thomas Enright (Retired)
Lance Small (Retired)
Audrey Terras (Retired)
Visitor Bin Dong
Tatiana Shingel
Yuan Zhang
2008-2009 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Dragos Oprea (Algebraic Geometry)
Ben Weinkove (Geometric Analysis)
Departures James Bunch (Retired)
Allen Knutson (Cornell University)
Neshan Wickramasekera (University of Cambridge)
Visitor Michael Volpato
2007-2008 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Jiawang Nie (Logic and Computer Science)
Jacques Verstraete (Combinatorics)
Departures Edward Bender (Retired)
Carl FitzGerald (Retired)
Adrian Wadsworth (Retired)
Visitor Ping-Shun Chan (Number Theory)
Dimitris Gatzouras (Statistics / Biostatistics)
Igor Klep (Functional Analysis / Operator Theory)
Vsevolod Lev (Combinatorics)
Evelyn Lunasin (Numerical PDE / Scientific Computation)
James Pommersheim (Mathematical Physics)
Dipendra Prasad (Number Theory)
Vladimir Rotar (Statistics)
2006-2007 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Laura Stevens (Combinatorics)
Departures Mikhail Alekhnovich (Deceased)
Aurore Delaigle (University of Melbourne)
Bill McEneaney (MAE Dept., University of California, San Diego)
Visitor Denis Bell (Probability)
Tullio Ceccherini-Silberstein (Algebra)
Sebastian Cioaba (Combinatorics)
Youri Davydov (Probability)
Laurie Edwards (Mathematics Education)
Jennifer Erway (Numerical Analysis)
John Farina (Algebra)
Henning Hohnhold (Geometry and Topology)
Hanspeter Kraft (Representation Theory)
Steven Leon (Numerical Analysis)
Jacek Leskow (Statistics)
Keh-Shin Lii (Stochastic Processes)
Andrew Linshaw (Combinatorics)
Axel Malqvist (Numerical PDE / Scientific Computation)
Emre Mengi (Numerical Analysis)
Jonathan Sands (Number Theory)
Bernd Siebert (Algebraic Geometry)
Bruce Solomon (Geometric Analysis)
David Solomon (Number Theory)
Shuichiro Takeda (Number Theory)
Gantumur Tsogtgerel (Scientific Computation)
Dennis White (Combinatorics)
Ulrica Wilson (Algebra)
Boon Pin Yeap (Number Theory)
Zeyun Yu (Numerical PDE / Scientific Computation)
Yongcheng Zhou (Numerical PDE / Scientific Computation)
2005-2006 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Mikhail Alekhnovich (Complex Analysis)
Ery Arias-Castro (Statistics)
Allen Knutson (Combinatorics)
Daniel Rogalski (Algebra)
William Stein (Number Theory)
Jacob Sterbenz (Differential Equations)
Neshan Wickramasekera (Geometric Analysis)
Departures William Stein (University of Washington)
Van Vu (Rutgers University)
John Wavrik (Retired)
Visitor Leonid Bokut (Algebra)
Long Chen (Numerical Analysis)
Jean-Francois Delmas (Stochastic Processes)
Liz Fenwick (Numerical Analysis)
Gilad Gour
Leonard Haff (Statistics)
John Hall (Algebra)
Holly Hauschild (Algebra)
Sudha Jain (Statistics)
Kristin Lauter (Number Theory)
Nordine Mir (Complex Analysis)
Amber Puha (Stochastic Processes)
Daniel Reynolds (Scientific Computation)
Vladimir Rotar (Probability)
Liudmila Sabinina (Algebra)
Ivan Shestakov (Algebra)
Valentin Shevchenko (Plasma Physics)
Peter Stevenhagen (Number Theory)
Boon Pin Yeap (Number Theory)
Michael Zabrocki (Combinatorics)
Orit Zaslavsky (Mathematics Education)
2004-2005 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Aurore Delaigle (Statistics)
Nitya (Nitu) Kitchloo (Topology)
Bo Li (Partial Differential Equations)
Jason Schweinsberg (Probability)
Ronghui (Lily) Xu (Biostatistics)
Departures Zheng-Xu He (CAS Institute of Mathematics)
Alfred Manaster (Retired)
Michael Sharpe (Retired)
Visitor Milne Anderson
Avi Berman
Jason Colwell (Number Theory)
Juliana Erlijman
Dimitris Gatzouras
Josip Globevnik
Chul Kim
Sergey Kitaev
Pavel Kolesnikov
Yana Mohanty (Geometry)
Yuval Roichman
Mark Stankus
2003-2004 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Wee Gan (Number Theory)
Cristian Popescu (Number Theory)
Glenn Tesler (Bioinformatics)
Departures Leonard Haff (Retired)
Peter Teichner (University of California, Berkeley)
Visitor Karen Briggs (Combinatorics)
Anna Grinberg (Topology)
Michael Leonard (Numerical Optimization)
Gabriel Nagy (Numerical PDE / Scientific Computation)
Kevin O'Bryant (Combinatorics)
Imre Patyi (Complex Variables)
Steven Pav (Geometry)
Vladimir Rotar (Probability)
Henry Tuckwell (Probability)
John Wilson (Algebra)
2002-2003 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals John Eggers
Mark Gross (Geometry)
Lei Ni (Geometry)
Efim Zelmanov (Algebra)
Departures Donald Smith (Retired)
Visitor Gaemus Collins
Keith Conrad (Number Theory)
Anirban Dasgupta (Statistics)
Matthias Gerdts (Optimization)
David Kraines (Topology)
Gail Letzter (Algebra)
Lincoln Lu (Combinatorics)
Tucker McElroy (Statistics)
Yana Mohanty (Topology)
Magdalena Musat
Jean Steiner
2001-2002 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Bill McEneaney (Systems Theory and Control)
David Meyer (Mathematical Physics)
Van Vu (Combinatorics)
Departures None
Visitor Steven Bradlow (Geometry)
Douglas Cenzer (Combinatorics / Logic)
Kurt Chudej (Optimization)
Masha Gordina
Xiaojun Huang (Differential Equations)
Valentine Kabenets
Roberto Miatello (Representation Theory)
Radhika Ramamurthi (Combinatorics)
Vladimir Rotar (Probability)
Arunas Rudvalis (Statistics)
Gerd Schmalz (Geometry)
Hans Sieburg
Jozsef Solymosi (Combinatorics)
Alexander Teplyaev (Number Theory)
Caitlin Wang (Geometry)
Simon Willerton (Topology)
Mei Yang (Combinatorics)
2000-2001 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Li-Tien Cheng (Numerical Analysis)
Ben Chow (Geometric Analysis)
Peter Ebenfelt (Complex Variables)
Harel Guershon (Mathematics Education)
Justin Roberts (Topology)
Departures Jay Fillmore (Retired)
Mark Haiman (University of California, Berkeley)
Richard Hamilton (University of California, Irvine)
Visitor Keith Conrad
1999-2000 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals None
Departures Michael Freedman (Retired, Microsoft Corporation)
Ronald Getoor (Retired)
Yoseff Rinott (Hebrew University)
Visitor Francois Bergeron (Combinatorics)
Jeff Butler (Classical Analysis)
Jean-Yves Chemin (Partial Differential Equations)
Michael Greibel (Mathematics Education)
James Haglund (Combinatorics)
Shirin Handjani (Combinatorics)
Steven Leon (Numerical Analysis)
Ari Leptev (Geometry)
Nordine Mir (Geometry)
Efstahios Paparoditis (Statistics)
Sally Picciotto (Combinatorics)
Vladimir Rotar (Probability)
Chris Simmons (Complex Analysis)
Janez Stare (Biostatistics)
Monica Vazirani (Representation Theory)
Feng Wang (Numerical Analysis)
Marshall Whittlesey
1998-1999 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Fan Graham (Combinatorics)
Michael Holst (Numerical Analysis)
Departures Peter Doyle (Dartmouth University)
Norman Shenk (Retired)
Visitor Roland Bulirsch (Numerical Analysis)
A. Cholomitski (Probability)
J. Gao (Combinatorics)
Sheng Gong (Complex Analysis)
Guershon Harel (Mathematics Education)
V. Limic (Probability)
H. Pumpl?n (Algebra)
Glenn Tesler (Combinatorics)
D. Zaitsev (Geometry)
1997-1998 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals None
Departures None
Visitor Ben Cox (Lie Groups)
Dan Goldstein
Larry Goldstein (Statistics)
Kenneth Gross (Lie Groups)
Martin Kiehl (Numerical Analysis)
Tanya Kostova (Numerical Analysis)
Christian Krattenthaler (Combinatorics)
David Letscher (Topology)
Tomas Serbinowski (Classical Analysis)
Panayot Vassilevski (Numerical Analysis)
1996-1997 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Peter Teichner (Topology)
Departures Frederic Bien (Bien Logic, Inc.)
Maria Ong (to research series)
Visitor Lars Andersson (Geometry)
Dalit Baum
Francois Bergeron
Avi Berman
Raoul Bott
Michael Breitner
Rainer Callies
Anirban DasGupta
Stefano DeMichelis
Harry Dym
Sheng Gong
Ying Jianguang
Hanspeter Kraft
Tom Kurtz
Joseph Romano
Vladimir Rotar (Statistics)
Monika Serbinowska (Statistics)
Isadore Singer
Glenn Tesler (Combinatorics)
1995-1996 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Hans Lindblad (Partial Differential Equations)
Kate Okikiolu (Classical Analysis)
Dimitris Politis (Statistics)
Departures None
Visitor Richard LeBorne
John McCarthy
Sinai Robins
Darin Stevenson (Algebra)
1994-1995 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals None
Departures None
Visitor Nader Agha
Peter Ebenfelt
Sheng Gong
Jianguo Liu
Christoph Metz
Arunas Rudvalis
1993-1994 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Zheng-Xu He (Topology)
Departures Donald Anderson (CSE Dept., University of California, San Diego)
John Evans (Retired)
Hubert Halkin (Retired)
Burton Rodin (Retired)
Helmut Rohrl (Retired)
Murray Rosenblatt (Retired)
Visitor None
1992-1993 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Frederic Bien (Representation Theory)
Peter Doyle (Geometry)
Maria Ong (Numerical Analysis)
Departures Michael Fredman (CSE Dept., University of California, San Diego)
Visitor Thomas Ivey (Partial Differential Equations)
1991-1992 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Mark Haiman
John O'Quigley (Biostatistics)
Departures Kevin Walker
Visitor Maria Bonet-Carbonell (Combinatorics / Logic)
1990-1991 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Kevin Walker (Topology)
Departures Theodore Frankel (Retired)
John Rice (University of California, Berkeley)
Frank Thiess (Retired)
Stanley Williamson (CSE Dept., University of California, San Diego)
Visitor Oded Schramm (Complex Analysis)
1989-1990 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Yoseff Rinott (Statistics)
Nolan Wallach (Representation Theory)
Departures Matthew Grayson (IBM Corporation)
Visitor Steven Bradlow (Topology)
1988-1989 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Salah Baouendi (Partial Differential Equations)
Samuel Buss (Combinatorics / Logic)
Philip Gill (Numerical Optimization)
Departures Janos Komlos (Rutgers University)
Richard Olshen (Stanford University)
Visitor Haruo Tsukada
1987-1988 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Patrick Fitzsimmons (Probability)
Hans Wenzl (Representation Theory)
Departures Richard Schoen (Stanford University)
Visitor Daryl Cooper
1986-1987 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Bruce Driver (Mathematical Physics)
Michael Fredman
Jeffrey Rabin (Mathematical Physics)
Departures Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University)
Visitor Jean Berrut
1985-1986 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals None
Departures Gunnar Carlsson (Princeton University)
Visitor William Duke (Number Theory)
Chang Lin
1984-1985 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Matthew Grayson (Topology)
Richard Hamilton (Geometry)
Janos Komlos (Combinatorics)
Richard Schoen (Geometry)
Departures None
Visitor Chris Burdzy (Probability)
1983-1984 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals James Agler (Functional Analysis / Operator Theory)
Ruth Williams (Probability)
Shing-Tung Yau (Geometry)
Departures None
Visitor Brad Shelton
1982-1983 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Linda Rothschild (Partial Differential Equations)
Departures None
Visitor Allan Berele
1981-1982 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Ian Abramson (Statistics)
Departures None
Visitor James Wolper
1980-1981 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Randolph Bank (Numerical Analysis)
Harold Stark (Number Theory)
Departures None
Visitor David Hamilton
1979-1980 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals None
Departures None
Visitor None
1978-1979 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals None
Departures None
Visitor None
1977-1978 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals None
Departures None
Visitor None
1976-1977 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Gunnar Carlsson (Topology)
Thomas Enright (Representation Theory)
Departures None
Visitor None
1975-1976 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Ronald Evans (Number Theory)
Michael Freedman (Topology)
Richard Olshen (Statistics)
Departures None
Visitor Bernard Maisonneuve
1974-1975 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals James Bunch (Numerical Analysis)
William Helton (Functional Analysis / Operator Theory)
James Lin (Topology)
Jeffrey Remmel (Combinatorics / Logic)
Adrian Wadsworth (Algebra)
Departures None
Visitor None
1973-1974 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Edward Bender (Combinatorics)
Leonard Haff (Statistics)
John Rice (Statistics)
Daniel Wulbert (Approximation Theory)
Departures Laughlin Campbell (Industry)
Philip Erdelsky (Industry)
David Golber (Graduate School in Statistics)
Richard Patterson (Indiana University)
Visitor None
1972-1973 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Audrey Terras (Number Theory)
Departures Jaap Korevaar (University of Amsterdam)
Visitor None
1971-1972 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Donald Anderson (Topology)
Departures None
Visitor None
1970-1971 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Lance Small (Algebra)
Departures Stefan Warschawski (Retired and Died on May 5, 1989)
Visitor None
1969-1970 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Laughlin Campbell (Complex Spaces)
Philip Erdelsky (Numerical Analysis)
David Golber (Lie Groups)
Richard Patterson (Topology)
John Wavrik (Algebra)
Departures Brooks Ferebee (Germany)
Visitor Chung-Tuo Shih
Hans Stetter
Gabriel Stolzenberg
1968-1969 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Allen Altman (Algebraic Geometry)
John Donald (Algebra)
John Evans (Biomathematics)
Francis Flanigan (Algebra)
Jon Luke (Applied Mathematics)
Norman Shenk (Partial Differential Equations)
Departures None
Visitor Ben Jamison
Ludwig Khatchatooriantz
1967-1968 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Steven Andrea (Topology)
Brooks Ferebee (Geometry)
Carl FitzGerald (Complex Analysis)
Alfred Manaster (Combinatorics / Logic)
Michael Sharpe (Probability)
Departures Barry Eke (University of Belfast)
Richard Faber (Boston College)
Eugene Lee (Hong Kong)
George Senge (Industry)
Visitor Luis Baez-Duarte
Morton Brown
Roland Bulirsch
Paul Leonard
Masao Nagasawa
Josef Stoer
1966-1967 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Barry Eke (Complex Analysis)
Richard Faber (Algebra)
Jay Fillmore (Geometry)
Adriano Garsia (Classical Analysis)
Ronald Getoor (Probability)
William Gragg (Numerical Analysis)
John Holbrook (Functional Analysis / Operator Theory)
Patrick Ledden (Topology)
Donald Smith (Differential Equations)
Departures None
Visitor None
1965-1966 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Errett Bishop (Classical Analysis)
Theodore Frankel (Geometry)
Hubert Halkin (Optimization)
Eugene Lee (Classical Analysis)
George Senge (Number Theory)
Stanley Williamson (Multilinear Algebra)
Departures Glen Baxter (Purdue University)
Visitor Jake Bear (Complex Analysis)
1964-1965 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Glen Baxter (Probability)
Jaap Korevaar (Classical Analysis)
Clay Perry Jr. (Computing)
Burton Rodin (Complex Analysis)
Helmut Rohrl (Complex Variables)
Murray Rosenblatt (Statistics)
Frank Thiess (Mathematical Physics)
Departures None
Visitor Klaus Wolfhart (Algebra)
1963-1964 Changes in Personnel
Arrivals Stefan Warschawski (Complex Analysis)
Departures None
Visitor None