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Fan Chung Graham, Melvin Leok - TILOS NSF National AI Research Institute

Congratulations to math faculty Fan Chung Graham and Melvin Leok. They are part of the newly announced institute focused on artificial intelligence and optimization headquartered at UC San Diego. The Institute for Learning-enabled Optimization at Scale, or TILOS, is funded by a $20 million grant from the NSF. See UCSD News Release.

James McKernan - Simons Foundation Grant 5-Year Extension

Professor James McKernan received a 5-year extension to his Simons Foundation grant.

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GPSA Names Two in Mathematics for the 2021 Community Awards

Congratulations to Math Ph.D. student Evangelos “Vaki” Nikitopoulos, recipient of the 2021 Professional / Grad Student Leader Award from the GPSA (Graduate & Professional Student Association). Also receiving an award, as Outstanding Professional / Grad Student Support Staff is Scott Rollans, Director of Student Services.

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Mathematics Moves to Uncapped

Effective Monday, 5/24/2021, the Mathematics Department majors are no longer Capped.

Continuing students may use the TritonLink Major/Minor Tool online to change their major department to Mathematics. No additional screening will be required.

Incoming students may use the TritonLink Major/Minor Tool online to change their major department to Mathematics as soon as they are registered and enrolled for Fall 2021 courses.


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Thursday  •  September 23, 2021

11:30am  •  Zoom link: (passcode: first prime number $>$ 100)

Joel Tropp
    Scalable semidefinite programming

Math 278B - Mathematics of Information, Data, and Signals Seminar

12:00pm  •  Zoom ID 967 4109 3409 (email an organizer for the password)

Felipe Garcia-Ramos
    Local entropy theory and descriptive complexity

Math 211 B00 - Group Actions Seminar

2:00pm  •  Over Zoom (see$\sim$nts/)

    Organizational meeting

Math 209 - Number Theory Seminar

Tuesday  •  September 28, 2021

11:00am  •  Zoom. For details, email

Isaac Goldbring
    The Connes Embedding Problem, MIP*=RE, and the Completeness Theorem

Math 243 - Functional Analysis Seminar

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Daniel Kane

Number Theory


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