Welcome new Student Employee to the UCSD Department of Mathematics!

Follow the steps below in order:


You should have received the following new employee information earlier:

  1. Your UCSD Employee ID Number = ########
  2. Your UCSD Employee Email Address = username@ucsd.edu
  3. Your UCSD Employee Active Directory (AD) Username = username

If you did NOT the receive the above information earlier, please contact Math Dept. HR staff before proceeding.

Complete the Employee Work Location form at:


If you do not know your planned "Work Arrangement" schedule or assigned "Work Locations", contact your Supervisor or Math HR staff.

Be sure to update this Employee Work Location form as your work arrangement changes over time.

Login to UCPath:

https://ucpath.universityofcalifornia.edu/ -> "University of California, San Diego" -> Login

and complete any new user setup there.  You should also receive a separate email from the UCSD HR Onboarding system with specific instructions of what "Personal Information" data to verify and update ASAP.


Be sure to check/update the following:

Employee Actions -> Personal Information -> Personal Information ->

  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Date of Birth
  • Home/Mailing Address (where paper paychecks are mailed to if not using Direct Deposit)
  • Email Addresses -> 
    • Update your "Home Email Address" to your correct personal email address (required in order to use the "Reset UCSD Active Directory (AD) Password" tool later, and to receive certain communications).

Employee Actions -> Income and Taxes -> 

  •  Direct Deposit (get paid faster electronically -- RECOMMENDED)

During the first week AFTER your official job start date, login to the Ecotime Campus time reporting system:


  • After logging in, in the menus on top, go to "Employee Tasks" -> "Timesheet" to check that your "Timesheet Employee Information" is correct.
  • Near the top, there are 4 lines that look similar to this but with your specific info:

    LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME (#########/########) (XXX, XXX)
    Timesheet Employee Information
    Timesheet Group: SUPERVISOR'S NAME (#########)
    Home Department: 000212

  • Highlight and select these 4 lines and Copy them to your clipboard.
  • Login to your UCSD Employee Email.
  • Compose a new email message to Math Dept Timekeeper Elizabeth Cuevas at "ecuevas@ucsd.edu" with "Subject" of "My Ecotime Info" and paste these 4 lines to confirm you've logged in to Ecotime OK.

"Getting paid is an important part of working. Submit your timesheets on time!"

Within the first 30-days of the start of your job appointment, complete any compliance and required training applicable to your job position:

(NOTE: Before typing anything, be sure to change the "Or sign on with:" menu option from "Business Systems" to "Active DirectoryFIRST, then enter your UCSD AD username/password to login.)

Compliance and Required Training


Most Student Employees are required to complete the following training:

  • UC Cyber Security Awareness Fundamentals
  • Injury and Illness Prevention
  • UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harrassment Prevention Training
  • UC Ethical Values and Conduct

Report to your supervisor for initial work assignments.

For questions or problems encountered with the above steps, please contact "mathhelp@ucsd.edu" and let us know when you're available to meet over Zoom to troubleshoot your problems.

Thank you!