The UC San Diego student web site has is an assortment of information about enrolling in classes. The registration calendar at the site shows the date each quarter that the next schedule of classes will be available, when enrollment begins, and various billing dates.

Some of the other topics covered at the site:

  • Quarterly enrollment limits
  • Holds on registration
  • Wait lists
  • How to enroll in classes
  • Adding, dropping, withdrawing
  • Changing grading option or number of units per class. (Caution: Any class that you wanted counted toward the requirements of your mathematics degree must be taken for a letter grade, and a grade of “C-” or better must be earned. Reference:
  • First pass and second pass. (Log into WebReg for your first pass and second pass dates.)

For most mathematics courses, a faculty member can (but does not have to) authorize an override of the prerequisite course(s). We recommend against bypassing prerequisite courses; if you choose to ask a faculty member to do this, and if s/he grants it, you accept any risk associated with not meeting the prerequisite.